Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Day

The boys slept until 5:50 a.m!  They came running into our room almost in disbelief that it was that late!  We were thrilled!

Santa was good to them as always! They fell on the floor and started sorting through their loot.

Chip was dumbfounded when he saw the lizard cage in his stack.  His mommy had forbidden him to even entertain the idea of a lizard.  Santa came through for him and he was thrilled!

He is a leopard gecko and his name is Bama.

He is pretty cool!

Sadly, he eats crickets.  LIVE ONES!  Which means not only are we the proud parents of a leopard gecko, but we are also the proud parents of 50 live crickets.  Even more sad is that we feed Bama six of those suckers every other day.  Our herd of crickets is shrinking rapidly! 

We call feeding time "The Circle of Death" and all gather around the tank to watch Bama do his thing.  It is quite fascinating.

Everyone was thrilled with their presents and it was a wonderful Christmas morning.

Also quite fascinating is the Christmas wrestling match that broke out after the presents were opened.

It was three against one.

They were all supposed to be trying to bring down Hubby, but in this picture it looks like Chip is taking a cheap shot at his brother squeezing his head between his legs.

Does anyone elses family do this on Christmas day?  Anyone??  Anyone???

As we got dressed to go down to my parents house, Malarie started trying to assemble a wrestling ring.  It was not easy.

Down the road we went to see Mer and Grandpa and the rest of the clan.  Family picture.

"The Nice One" and her family.

Guk's family.  Aren't they festive in their hats?  We all actually had to wear them, but me and "The Nice One" were smart enough to get another picture without our hats on!

Hubby promptly sat in a recliner and fell asleep, so my Aunt Gail decked him out in hats, holly, ribbons, a dog, some poinsettias and an Auburn scarf.  It's a look.

We ate a scrumptious meal with all the trimmings and then it was time to open presents.  We all crammed in to get a spot by the tree.

Gifts were passed out and opened.

Harry's Cam Newton shirt brought "BOO's" from the crowd (he played for Auburn, what can we say?) but he loved it!

After presents we broke out a new game called "Left Center Right".  You are supposed to play with three chips, but we went hard core and decided to play with money.  Everyone started with three dollars in front of them.  There were 19 of us so that made the winning pot worth $57!  I can tell you there were some kids around that table that were drooling for that money!

So you roll the dice and money changes hands just about every single roll.  It is a complete game of chance, but there was a ton of smack talking, screaming, hollering, jumping up and down going on.

The game lasted about thirty minutes with all of us around the table.

Ms. Tennessee was the big winner!  She was rolling in the dough.

Then me and "The Nice One" and the Queen tried to take a girl shot.  I look like I just woke up from a two day drunk and the Queen's glasses look like they are fogged up from doing dishes or something.  Painful.

Look up girl! 

We get so tickled at any silly thing and then that is all she wrote.  We can't stop laughing.  It is ridiculous.

This is almost decent, but look at the background.  Busy much?

After the photo shoot we all gathered for a game of Dirty Santa.  Again, we had some awesome laughs on this one.  It was a fun addition to our normal activities.

Once we wrapped up at Mer and Grandpa's we headed back out to The Bad Farm.

Callie and the girls had put together Chip's ring and he was happy!

We found George in the kitchen carving up a big ham and he also made some delicious ribs.  So when he wasn't in one bathroom or the other he was in the kitchen.  It was a great change from the traditional Christmas meal.

Joey and his family came over as did Mike and Shannon.  It was nice to see them.  Mike turned Joey on to an iPhone app called Hollywood Action Stunts or something like that.  You make a video and it can look like a missile is blowing something up.  That provided most of the entertainment for the night as Joey shot action movie after action movie.

In this final shot of Christmas day you can see the aftermath of my husband diving across the living room floor to fake save and cover Malarie and Brett from a fake missile.  There was a friend of Megan and Patricks that came by for a visit and bless his heart he had to be in a movie.  We had never met him and my husband is telling him to casually look at ornaments on the tree and when Joey says action he is going to tackle him and throw him in to the chair.  Merry Christmas Andrew from New Jersey, this is how we roll in Alabama on Christmas day! 

It was a wild one! 

After enough action movie to thrill Steven Spielberg we showed this side of the family how fun Left Center Right was to play.  Everyone loved it and we broke out an official poker chip version of the game the next day.  Big money was switching hands and the game went on for hours and hours!

Come back for pictures of Post Christmas activities and our "Welcome Home" decorations left by our sweet friends! 

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