Saturday, January 28, 2012

Editorial Correction

OMG!  I can't believe my editor did not catch the major blunder I made in yesterdays post.  I mean, what are we paying her for!

You see, in the caloric overload stupor of the wonderful pasta recipe I made last night I made a mistake in my post.  I guess I was just desperate to share it with the world.  Or all six of my readers...WHATEVER! 

I had looked at several recipes on Pioneer Woman's website and thought what I had made was Cacciatore, but what I really made was Scallopine.  I am a culinary genius, am I not?

How do I know this?  How did it come to my attention?  Let me tell you.  My sweet friend Sandy, who recently had back surgery, read my post yesterday and kindly asked her husband to make the dish that I was raving about.  Chris was more than willing to make anything his recovering bride requested, so he went to PW's site, looked up the recipe for Chicken Cacciatore, went off to the grocery store, came home and unloaded the ingredients. Sandy says "That doesn't look right?  The blog said mushrooms, lemon, wine, have peppers and onions.  What gives?"

He showed her the recipe and it clearly called for those very ingredients he had purchased.

Confusion momentarily.   Then realization hit her that my blog must be wrong.  I am sure she was stunned. 

She texted me.

I read it.

I laughed.  Hard. 

I texted her back.  Explained that there must be some mistake because I only report correct and accurate information on my blog.  Then I laughed some more.

So, she is having Chicken Cacciatore for dinner tonight.  I bet it will also be awesome.  I sincerely hope it will be awesome!  I will be sure and follow up and let you guys know what they thought!

So, my apologies to my six regular readers.  I hope you didn't all run out and get the ingredients.  I mean, I am never sure anyone is really reading this stuff, much less actually taking my suggestions.  That is so cool!

I guess in the end, my mistake actually made me happy!

I would fire the editor, but that is me and I can't fire myself.  Or, can I?

I will ponder that while I am playing Skylanders with Chip! 

Have a wonderful Saturday afternoon!


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