Monday, January 30, 2012

False Alarm

Saturday night, or more correctly really early on Sunday morning, our monitored house alarm went off.  It was 4:03 a.m. to be exact. Nothing more heart stopping than to be bolted awake from a sound sleep by ear piercing sirens that indicate someone or something is trying to get into your house.

Do you know what I did?

I turned off the alarm.

Isn't that stupid?  

Why turn the alarm off?  Why wouldn't I let the alarms go on and on to scare off the someone or something that is trying to come into our house?

In hindsight it makes no sense, however while it was happening I really just wanted the noise to stop. 

Anyway, back to the I quickly turn the alarm off, turn on all the lights, Hubby is peering downstairs, Harry comes out of his room rubbing his eyes, the phone starts ringing, Chip comes out of his room all disoriented.  

It was chaos. 

Me:  Hello?  
Them:  This is your alarm company, do you have an intruder?  
Me:  I have no idea.
Them:  The alarm shows that a sensor in your master bedroom has been activated.  
Me:  I am standing in the middle of the master bedroom with my husband and children, all the lights are on, windows are closed and locked and there are no intruders to be seen. I don't think we have an intruder here.  Are you sure that is the right sensor? 
Them:  Yes ma'am.  It shows Zone 5 which is the master bedroom. 
Me:  Hmmm?  Peering out the window...well, we are on the second floor, there are no ladders leaning up the house so I guess we are good.  
Them:  Okay, that's good.  We obviously won't be charging you for the false alarm.
Me: Obviously.
Them:  Is there anything else we can do for you?
Me: I guess not.  Thanks for calling.  Nice to know this would work if a bad guys was standing in my master bedroom.  Good night.  Or, good morning.  Man, I am disoriented.  Good-bye. 

What a weird night.  Not so easy to go back to sleep after that, but we managed.

Hot flashes, false alarms...I just want to sleep people!!!


  1. Do you have any clues as to what set it off? How about a 15 pound squirrel jumping up and down on the ceiling of Zone 5? Let me know if you want additional clues. As always, happy to help solve problems. Dad

  2. When the alarm goes off at our house in the middle of the night, it's my husband sleep walking. I set it to keep him in as much as others out!

  3. For the record...not everyone was standing around in the master bedroom. One of us went downstairs as the alarm was going off to check for intruders. It was Harry that asked "Dad where are you going?", in which I replied "downstairs to check things out, do you want to go with me?". Harry replied "no thanks!