Monday, January 16, 2012

Fresh Start...Good Day

Today, I cleaned out my clothes closet.  Cleaned it good.  Cleaned shelves off.  Purged clothes that don't fit and/or clothes I probably wouldn't wear if they did fit.  Purged shoes.  Cleaned out a giant bag of hangers.  Organized clothes by season. a fresh start, even when it is in a closet.

Junk drawers are next!  So, I counted the drawers in my kitchen and I have a total of ten drawers.  That is a lot of drawers and I absolutely love the amount of storage I have in my kitchen.  However, I have really gone wild with the junk drawer situation in there.  Four of my ten drawers are junk drawers.  FOUR junk drawers.  That is excessive.  Fresh start and giant bag of trash coming right up!

Chip finally located some Skylanders!  We dashed over to Target and got the very last one on the shelf.  That is a good day!

Also, on our "good day" list is the cupcakes we made.  Darn Good Chocolate Cake cupcakes.  They were good.  The frosting we made....not so much.  Back to the drawing board on that one.

Harry spent the night at a friend's house last night.  He stayed up until 5:45 a.m.  Let me go on record right now to say that there is no way possible that I could do that.  Didn't do it when I was younger and could not do it now.  Beyond my capability.  Now, I can get up at 5:45 a.m. all day every day.  In fact, I get up at 4:45 a.m. most days.  However, it is 7:10 p.m. and I am already nodding off.  I am sure Harry will sleep like a log tonight.

Hubby is in Scotland hanging out in pubs, playing bagpipes, eating haggis (BLAH!!!) and wearing kilts.  He may also be working a little.

On Friday morning, Chip was getting ready for school and he said "My stomach hurts."  I said "You probably need to go to the bathroom."  He said "Jeez Mom, that is your answer for everything.  My head should go poop.  My leg is broken....when is the last time you pooped?  I need a haircut....go poop.  Everything cannot be fixed by pooping."  Guess what?  He pooped and his stomach felt better.  Mom just knows best sometimes.

My friend Sandy is having back surgery tomorrow.  She was in a car accident several months ago and has been suffering from chronic back and leg pain ever since.  She has done physical therapy, had injections, done everything she can to avoid the surgery, but she is out of options.  She has two discs that are causing all her pain and they need to be shaved.  Hopefully, the shaving will do the trick.  She is so ready to get back to normal.  Back surgery is a big deal, so everyone say a prayer for Sandy when you read this.  Perfect surgery, easy recovery and no pain!  Come on, Sandy!  You can do it!

I'm thinking about running again.  I love thinking about running.  It is the actual running that stinks.  I think I am going to give it a go again.  I promise not to wax on and on about it.  Won't talk about the inclines that are like mountains or my exhilaration at running more than ten feet at a time or how hard it is.  Or maybe I will.  Can't promise.  I am going to take my friend Martha's advice and try to run in the late morning.  By myself.  At my own pace.  A little music in my ears.  I will miss the cloak of darkness that I like to normally run in, but maybe in broad daylight I will be motivated to keep moving.

We went to church yesterday. It was awesome.  The message was about how people get weighed down by the guilt of feeling like they are letting God down by not doing the right thing, making bad choices...cheating, stealing, lying, hating, failing...all leading to a overwhelming feeling that God is disappointed in you. Turns out that since God knows everything that you have done, are doing right now and will do in the future it is impossible for Him to be disappointed in you.  Disappointment stems from not meeting someones expectations or not getting the result they were expecting. God knew what you were going to do before you did it.  He knew all the struggles you were going to face.  He made you.  He is not disappointed.  He can't be disappointed.  In fact, all He wants is for you to come to Him.  You...the person with all the issues, the one who is clumsy, unsure, wobbling, searching, making mistakes.  Come to Him with all your baggage, all your guilt, all your fears, your disappointments and let Him give you rest.  Let Him carry your burdens.  I maybe didn't get all of that exactly correct, but that is what I walked away with yesterday and it did my heart good.  That Will Davis can deliver a message.  Glad I was there to hear it.

With that uplifting good news I will be signing off.  I hope that your long weekend was fun, productive and sweet!

Over and out!

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  1. Thanks Melissa for your words and prayers.

    Sandy's doctor was pleased with how it went today. Unfortuntely, today is not the end of
    her pain, just the beginning of her recovery.