Saturday, January 14, 2012

Help Me Rhonda....It's a Hotflash

This might be my last post ever.  Probably not.  But Maybe.

I was just woken from a really deep sleep by a hot flash so ferocious I had to get up and look at myself in the mirror to make sure I literally wasn't on fire. Holy mackerel!  I don't think this is menopause.  In fact, I am pretty certain I know what is causing my distress.

I take Simvastin, which is to lower the bad cholesterol or raise the good cholesterol or something about cholesterol.  The bottle comes with pages of warnings, as most prescription medication does.  Well, this one has a solid page about feeling "flushed" after taking this medication.  The first night I took it, I got this same hot flash I am experiencing tonight.  So awful, that it woke me from a sleep and I had to get up and look at myself in the mirror.  I was certain that I was actually on fire.  Alas, I was not.

To combat getting "flushed" my doctor advised me to take a baby aspirin with my dose of Simvastin.  I do that regularly and have not experience the flushed side effect as acutely.  In fact, I don't give it much thought any more.

Well, I ran out of baby aspirin tonight and didn't think a thing about it when I took my Simvastin before bed.

I can guarantee you that I am thinking about it now.

In fact, I am damn near ready to take my skin off, it is blazing so much.   And I am supremely itchy.  And twitchy.  And my stomach hurts.  And I want to cry, but I am afraid that will scare me and then I will be in some serious trouble.  Hubby is still up and asked if I was okay.  I told him I was.  Scared to tell him I am a little bit scared, cause if he even raises an eyebrow I am done for.  I will be hollering for an ambulance or something.

Remaining calm.  Deep breaths.  Not going to panic.  There is no reason to panic.

So, instead I am going to blog about it.  It will pass.  I know it will.  It has before. I have to keep my skin on, even though I don't want to.

I can already tell I am feeling better.


Thanks for being here blog, old friend.  I appreciate you distracting me from my side effects.  

I think my feet feel chilly.  That has got to be a good sign.

Note to self:  Get low dose aspirin in the morning.  Do not pass Go, Do not collect $200....Go directly to the store and get a jumbo bottle of aspirin.  That is all.  

I wonder if I will remember this in the morning.  I think I will.

If menopause hot flashes are anything like this....I am going to have to pass.  No thanks.  Not interested.  At all.


  1. I hope you are feeling better! Good to have you back blogging. I am going to need a lot of entertaining reading in the coming weeks, so pressure's on. We never got to talk about THE GAME, but we rooted for Alabama and they still won. Maybe the curse is off. The endzone rant was a popular one at our house too!

  2. I would get a new cholesterol medicine!!!!!