Friday, January 20, 2012

Highlights of the Week

We have had a busy and productive week around here!   Here are the highlights:

1.  Chip got a 95 on his spelling test.  The word he missed..."microcosm".  What the heck?  What grade is he in again?  I think he has somehow managed to get himself into the high spelling group and he is bringing home twenty five HARD words each week.  He seems to be rocking it though, so "Go Chip!"

2.  Three of the four junk drawers in the kitchen have been purged, cleaned, organized and look fabulous!  I am sure it won't last.  This isn't my first rodeo.  They are called junk drawers for a reason!  I am thoroughly enjoying it while it lasts.

3.  Harry has been driving us to, fro and everywhere we go.  My foot goes through the floorboard at least once a trip.  It is exciting to have an up and coming driver.   Be sure you have updated your blood pressure medicine before you take on this kind of adventure. He is actually doing really well, but I think the more practice he gets the better!  We had to run some errands after school yesterday and he was the chauffeur.  He had a couple of "incidents" that caused me some alarm and he is trying to cut the tension with a little humor.  At one point he is pulling into a parking spot at the grocery store and ends up facing the wrong way.  I said "You can't park like this."  He said "Yes, I can.  Oh wait, maybe I can't.  Why?  What?  With ever raising volume in his voice that ends with "God, I feel like we are married!" I thought that was so funny.

4.  Me and the boys ran around the big block without stopping.  Pretty easy for them and really not that hard for me.  They were such great little coaches.  You've got this Mom.  You are awesome!  Just around this corner and we are in the home stretch!  Watch out for that branch!  Wonky sidewalk ahead!  I swear, I wouldn't have stopped if my leg was broken.  High fives all around when we made it back to the driveway.  Chip says the next day on the way to school "Look Mom, just a few hours ago you were running on this road.  You did awesome!"

5.  Last night...white wine...not a good combination.  I scrubbed and scrubbed and prayed a little and 'lo and behold you can't see a stain this morning!  Yea for microfiber!  Disaster avoided.

6.  Sandy's back surgery went well.  Via text message I know she is still really sore and I haven't seen her face yet, but I think she is on the road to recovery!  Prayers that she continues to feel better every day!

7.  Started a new bible study this week...another Beth Moore study about James.  It is going to be a good one.

8.  I cried so hard watching Grey's Anatomy last night. Why do I even like that show?

9.  Speaking of shows...American Idol is back!  One of our favorites around here.  The boys love the terrible auditions.  I can't even look at the TV screen when they are on.  I am so embarrassed for some of those folks.  I like it better when it is down to the real contenders!

10.  Work is picking back up for me finally.  I have had a hard price analysis I have been attempting to write all week.  I avoided it like avoiding it WAS my actual job.  I was thinking about how I could do it, planning it in my head, tossing around options, wrestled with it for days and I finally put some words on paper yesterday.  It may not be perfect but it is a start and sometimes that is all I need to get rolling.

11.   Hubby gets home tonight.  Long day of travel for him, but I bet he will be thrilled to sleep in his own bed and wake up to a U.S. newspaper and a cup of coffee.  Home sweet home.

12.  Me and the boys took in an Austin Toros basketball game this week.  Our seats were so close that I couldn't hardly watch the action in the actual game.  I was trying to read tattoos, checking out the various socks, shoes, mouthpieces and other equipment the players were wearing.  Trying to pick up what they were saying to each other.  Watching the physical battles happening in the lane.  They just lean all over each other.  It is a wonder more of them don't just slug each other.  I was aggravated for them.  I was also waiting nervously for a ball to leave the court and smack me right in the kisser.  I figured that was something that would happen to me.  I escaped uninjured, so it was a good time.  Very entertaining!

13.  It was 80 degrees here yesterday.  It is January, people!  I felt the A/C come on last night.  That is just wrong.

14.  Chip made Taco Cups for dinner on Tuesday night.  He is digging the cooking and is so proud of himself.  Harry managed to avoid cooking dinner this week, but perhaps he can tackle breakfast this weekend.

15.  Harry had an assignment for his English class that required him to go a full 24 hours using no technology.  No TV, no cell phone, no microwave, no computer, no video games, no nothing.  It was an interesting day.  He managed fine, but he was firing questions at me left and right.  Apparently, he has been storing them up for a while.  They ran the gamut from....Do girl scouts have to earn badges or do they just make cookies?  (Yes, and they don't MAKE cookies, they SELL cookies) to What do Scientologists believe in?  (Hell if I know!)  It was random and very entertaining!

Random is what this post has been.  I apologize.  Entertaining?  Probably not so much!

I hope your week awesome and that you are looking forward to the weekend as much as I am!

Peace Out!

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