Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Post Christmas Festivities

Let's wrap up this Christmas season with a final "Post-Christmas" entry!  There are lots of pictures.  

I apologize in advance. 

I am going to center this text and see how that feels and looks. Let me know if you like it or not! 

So the day after Christmas we headed up to my brother's place in Tennessee.  You see, his two boys got a an all terrain go-cart and a dirt bike.  They have twenty or so acres to ride around on and the family kiddos all wanted to check them out. 

Here's Bob taking pictures of the gang.  Using the "Warrior pose" cause he is zooming in.  I have got to work with him on this.  I assume he knows there is a zoom button on his camera.  Maybe it just still isn't close enough so he adds in the lean to and the arm extension. 

Santa brought Guk a BB Gun so he set up an empty Mt. Dew 2 liter to see who could hit it first.  He tried a couple times. 

Then my Hubby, posing as Indian Jones for the day, gave it a try.  Missed it by this much! 

Then Bob struck his Warrior pose.  People were laughing at him.  He was in total concentration, taking himself back to his Army days...just him and the gun.  

First you hear the bang of the trigger, then the tink of the BB hitting the plastic bottle.  Then the bottle fell off the stand and the place went crazy!  

High fiving, screaming, jumping...it was pandemonium.  And that was just Bob! 

And then he gloated.  Cause he is Bob and he likes to celebrate.  Especially when he does something that the two young whippersnappers couldn't do.  And there were lots of witnesses.  He loved that! 

Give him his moment.  Let him shine, because he is having knee replacement surgery in March.  Can't wait for the material that surgical operation is going to give me for the blog.  

Back to the riding toys.  Harry couldn't wait to get on the dirt bike.  I nearly choked.  He took off, dragged his tennis shoes to bring his bike to a stop the first couple turns, just like when he rode a scooter and a regular bike.  He hates brakes.  Eventually he got the hang of it.  

This is what I heard from Harry after his breathless first ride on the dirt bike: 
 "Mom, why can't we have a dirt bike?"
Mom: "Cause we don't have any dirt"
Harry:  "Oh."

Then it was Chip's turn for a spin on the go-cart.  Chuck was going to give him a thrill.  This go-cart will MOVE! 

They went through mud and Chuck came back looking like this.  Unfortunately their wild ride knocked the muffler off the go-cart.  

No fear, Guk and Bob were at the ready to repair the cart.  You know how that goes. 

Not well.

Takes forever.

We are afraid someone is going to weld something and we all might blow up.

They finally get it rigged up so the fun can continue. 

Mer had run to the store and Indian Jones greeted her at the car. 

Wait a minute....does he have her by the hair? 

OMG!  He throws her against the car and makes her spread eagle.  Did she steal something at the store?  What brought this on?  

Oh yea, Hubby has a gun in his hand.  Never mind that it is only a BB gun.  He feels like he has some authority. 

Mer let him have it.  Gun or no gun.  No one puts Mer across the hood of a car! 

My boys in the country. 

Then another photo shoot broke out.  The Nice One kept saying "I want a picture of the girls".  Good Lord girl we took that awesome picture at Mom and Dad's yesterday with the cell phones and busy desk behind us!  How many pictures do you need?  

We all start trying to position ourselves to hide certain unflattering body parts and Hubby was nice enough to hand us two pillows and a giant table cloth to drape across our bodies.  

I don't think Mer hit him hard enough. 

I hope this is enough for "The Nice One".

Bob was taking these pictures and the whole time his cell phone is ringing.  No one recognizes the number so once he is done with the photo shoot he calls the number back.  He thinks it is a realtor lady named Danielle who he is working with.  He gets all laid up in the chair and starts raising his eyebrows in his sexy way talking to her about why he didn't answer the phone, family all around, he had a great Christmas, hopes hers was nice.  All the while we were all going "who's Danielle?"  He was really playing it up. 

A few minutes later he gets off the phone and comes in the kitchen.  I said "Who is this Danielle?"  He says "Oh, that wasn't her.  It was a wrong number."


He is so smooth. 

A couple good shots of "The Queen".  The only poor girl out of seven grandkids!  

Chip's turn to drive this bad machine himself.

WEEEEE......for a while I think he was pushing the brake and the gas, but he finally got the hang of it.  

After everyone rode their fill we had to head back to The Bad Farm. 
 There was a Nerf War Challenge on and the sun was a setting! 

You see, Malarie's fellow Brett saw the Nerf gun Chip got for Christmas and said he was going to the store to load up and it was going to be on in the backyard.  Harry and Chip were stoked!  

We also made a little Walmart pit stop and loaded up on extra artillery! 

Indiana has been around guns all the live long day.  

Chip surrounded by the arsenal. 

Harry and Chip head out to stake out their base. 

I am blowing up this picture large so you can see Brett racing around the pond to get after them.  
It was getting dark and these pictures didn't come out very good.  Sorry.  It was too fun not to post. 

Here you can see Brett being chased by both boys.  I don't know how they circled around behind him. 

Harry GI Joe. 

This was serious business. 

They can't wait to do it again! 

Then it was back inside for more Left Right Center.  We were playing with Poker Chips and big money.  Every chip was a dollar.  Buy in. 

At one point, my Hubby was down $80.  Mostly because his family of four was playing at $12 a round and unfortunately NOT winning.  We all got bored after 20 hands or so and we skipped out. 

He was able to recover all but about $8 after another 50 rounds or so.  It was a marathon game. 

Then it was over.  Our Christmas vacation was wrapping up.  Time to pack up the boys, the gifts and the lizard and head down the road to Texas. 


It was 14 1/2 hours in the car.  

Ugh.  Ugh. Ugh.  

We pulled into the driveway and everything looked normal. 

Then we walked in the door.  


Our house had been transformed into Elf World.

A big banner with "GIMBELS" written on it.  Hung up with a paper chain. 

Two elf wreaths adorned the kitchen area. 

The table was covered with cotton balls, pop tarts, sprinkles, syrup, spaghetti noodles, coffee and candy canes.  Candy canes were all over the furniture. 

World's Best Cup of Coffee.

Candy canes on doorknobs. 

Snowflake cutouts on the doorways. 

It was very festive. 

My desk, Hubby's desk, our bathrooms all covered in cotton balls and Elfisms!  

After some good sleuthing, we figured out that this was done by Cindy and Martha!  Nice job Ladies!   Creative, funny and perfect to lighten the mood after a long, long drive.  We loved it. 

Hmmm....wonder how we can pay them back????  

And that wraps up Christmas 2011!  It was great and now it is over.  We are so grateful and feel so ready for a wonderful new year! 

Come back tomorrow for pictures of Chip cooking dinner! 


  1. Thanks for a great laugh, and more important, thanks for a memorial Christmas. I'm so blessed with a terrific family.


  2. Oh my Lord! I laughed out loud over and over again! Thank you for sharing!

  3. great post; great memories; your house was decorated way cuter when cindy did it.