Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bob, Trivia Night and Other Stuff

Hello All!  Sorry it has been so long since my last post.  I have been running the roads, hard and fast these days and just haven't had a minute to gather my thoughts.  I am stopping this morning to do that...even though my work computer is dinging like crazy with email messages.  I am just going to shut the lid and tune it out for a couple of minutes.

We have so much to cover, so let's get to it!

Bob is home, recovering, going through the hell that is physical therapy and trying to poop while on excessive doses of pain medication.  Apparently, pooping and pain relief do not go well together.  I won't go into the details of the measures he has taken to relieve that situation but I will tell you that I was on a call with Bob, Lana and my sister and I was howling with laughter as they recounted their afternoon antics.  It was a story for the ages.

So when Bob was not strapped into his knee machine or being tortured by physical therapist he managed to put out a 70 picture album of his knee replacement journey.  Lana took over camera duties during his surgery and did an outstanding job.  I felt like I was there!  I thought I would cull through the 70 pictures and give you the highlights.  

Bob arrives and gets situated.

Leg is shaved and iodined all over.  He gets to surgery about an hour later than scheduled.

It is over.  He is disoriented, queasy, draining blood from his incision like a son of a gun and in lots of pain.

Same day they strap him into this knee machine that moves his knee.  His range of motion is practically zilch.

Then they get him up and walking!  Holy Moly!  He said it hurt something fierce.

The next day he is put through several rounds with the physical therapist and strapped into the knee machine for hours.  Gets his appetite back and starts talking everyone who walks into the room to get a picture taken with him.

There were 70 pictures in the album he sent out and half of them were with his people.  This is Mable.  He liked Mable.

Then we get to the good stuff.  The incision.  Oh yeah, I am impressed.  That is a big cut!  Oh and look at that nasty drainage tube sticking out of his leg.  Barf.

Swollen and painful, but it is done. 

He is home now and Lana has him set up in the living room with everything within arms reach.  He has a physical therapist coming to the house about 4 days a week.  He stopped taking his prescription pain medicine Monday night and is now on just Tylenol. Recovery is underway.  Go Bob...hang in there, Lana!

In other news....

The Cross Country Trivia Night Fundraiser was this past weekend!  It was a blast and raised $2600 for the Cross Country Team.

Here are some pictures from the event.

I made this poster with my Cricut Machine.  Which is awesome by the way...the Cricut machine, not the poster. 

It cuts out beautiful letters.  But here's is the have to glue each individual letter in place.  UGH!  I went through so many glue sticks making these and the centerpieces.

Check in table to pick up your packets.  The balloons were tied to a basket of "Smarties" and a box of "Ding Dongs".

Smarties Basket for the table that was in the lead through the ten rounds of questions.  NOTE:  The Smarties Basket never made it to Table 11.  That was my table.

The table in last place after each round had a box of Ding Dongs to identify their status.  NOTE:  THANKFULLY, Table 11 never had the Ding Dongs, either!

The Booster Club provided bags of popcorn, pretzels and sodas and water.  Pretty cheap event to host!

We had 14 tables of 8 people.  Here is the giant super automated screen on the stage where the questions were posted. 

I made a centerpiece for each table, made out of spray painted running shoes, a wooden dowel and a picture sign with the table number.  Each centerpiece and a front and back so it could be seen from all angles.  Two 5 X 7 pictures that were double matted on card stock.  Then my handy, dandy Cricut machine cut out the words "Table" and the numbers. 

Each letter was hand glued on by yours truly.  It took a long, long time.   I thought they turned out pretty cute.

I also had to make little signs for the Cell Phone baskets that were in the center of each table.  No cell phones could be used so all participants at the table had to put the phones in the basket for the evening.  Cute idea and worked like a charm.

The evening went well, with the exception that the questions were really, really HARD!  I am not sure I have ever felt so inadequate.  I think the only question out of a hundred that I knew for sure was a movie line out of the movie "Field of Dreams".  Thank goodness I had some smart folks at my table.  Every single person contributed, but my girl Beth's hubby Tony was a rock star at trivia.  We got 76 out of a 100 correct and came in 4th place.  I think everyone had fun and would do it again! 

Hubby won a $30 movie pass for winning the "Heads" or "Tails" game during a break between sessions.  Pretty easy money for putting your hands on your butt for three flips of a coin and then putting them on your head when no one else did!

So glad that event is behind us.  Now I just have to clean up my craft room because it is COVERED up in scraps of paper and this and that.  Disaster area of the highest order.

Also cranking up around here is baseball season. 

Chip's team is the Braves this year.  He looks so sharp in his uniform.  Hubby is managing the team again and I think they are going to have a good season.

Opening ceremonies at the Dell Diamond. 

Some of the cutie, patootie Braves!  They won their first game 10 - 5.  Last night, they had an 8:00 game (stupid late for 9 year olds!) and they lost 10 - 8.  Chip mowed down three batters with some awesome pitching in the 4th inning.  He likes being a closer.

Finally, I started seeing a Personal Trainer last Friday.  His name is Chad and he is an absolute encyclopedia of knowledge about the body and how it works and what foods do to your blood and insulin and thyroid issues and blood pressure and heart rate and nutrition and clean eating.  I am on information overload, but I am trying to be a sponge to learn everything he is telling me. He believes 150% in The Zone diet and so I am embracing that philosophy and changing my eating habits.  It has meant a lot of shopping, cooking, slicing and dicing.  He summed it up this way "If it is man not eat it.  If it taste good...spit it out."  The second half was a joke.  But maybe not really. So I am eating Ezekiel bread and egg whites and apples and fat free cheese and taking a multivitamin and logging all my food, what I eat, when I eat it.  I am eating every 2 1/2 to 3 hours and now I understand why that makes sense.  He checks my food log and makes comments and recommendations on ways to improve it. Oh, and we are also exercising.  He thinks I am a rock star in the gym.  I think he may be setting me up.  Taking it easy on me and then he is going to go all Bob Harper and bust my chops.  So far it has been amazing on every single level AND I have lost weight!  GO CHAD, GO's working, it's working! 

Good Stuff.

Next time, I will tell you how much my boys are enjoying the switch to brown rice and whole wheat pasta.  It will be a short story.  In fact, so short I will just tell you now.  They are not digging it.  They are eating it, but cautiously, with much hesitation, and without much gusto.  They will come around.

On the horizon for the next couple of next Lakeside visit is fast approaching, company is coming over Spring Break, Harry is turning sixteen in about 30 days (AAAAHHHHHH), I have to make a quick trip to Alabama for a training class, more baseball and of course my continued journey to better health.  March is going to ROCK!  Bring it on!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bionic Bob

Bob's knee replacement surgery went perfectly.  No complications, no surprises, no problems.  But now comes the hard part....the recovery.

I talked to him last night about 8:00 when he was about six or so hours post-op. He sounded awful.  He had been real disoriented and couldn't remember why he was in the hospital.  His voice was real groggy and he said he was nauseous and his knee was really hurting.  I was so glad I wasn't there to see him, because that would have been difficult.  When I got off the phone with him and sent an email to my brother and sister.  "Dad sounds super groggy and is in pain.  Also, they brought him dinner and when they uncovered the plate, he barfed.  That is a first.  Bob throwing up at the sight of food?  Unheard of."  He does not barf and especially over food.   Food poisoning, west nile virus, Lyme disease...yes he might barf, but just smelling food...never.  

This morning I called and he sounded a little better.  Still tired and as anyone who has been in the hospital can tell you, he did not get any rest.  They were in and out of his room a million times at night, taking vitals, checking his fluids, etc.  He said his IV had run out and he had bled so much out of his drainage tube that blood had gone all over the floor.  Gross.  He did say that when they brought breakfast in that he scarfed it down.  Waffles, scrambled eggs and sausage.  Oh, and they brought him lots of coffee.  He was a happy camper.  He also had gotten up out of bed and tried walking with his walker.  He almost buckled under the pain, but the big strapping Physical Therapist caught him.  He had been strapped into the knee moving machine for several hours and it wasn't too bad.  Definitely an improvement.

Finally, I talked to him this evening and it was like a party was going on in his room.  He was filling me in on his events of the day.  Talking to "Ms. Rita", his nurse, at the same time he was talking to me.  He did four more hours in the knee moving machine, had three physical therapy sessions, had his IV removed, the morphine was taken away, and had a sponge bath given by three young UAH nursing students.  Rita was leaving for her shift and he asked her to please run get him some pain medicine before the shift change so he wouldn't be left hanging.  He also yelled after her "Be sure and warn Jessica about me so she knows what to expect."  He knew all the folks by name, even the ones he hadn't met yet.  He said that his doctor came in this afternoon and asked him how he was doing.   Bob said "My knee hurts.  Bad."  Dr. Tindle says "It's only been 24 hours."  Bob says "I know.  I didn't think it was going to hurt this bad."  Tindle says "Apparently, you didn't read the pamphlet."  He also told me that their was a young nurse at the nurses station and when he was shuffling by on his walker he said "You want to race?"  Told me how nice everyone had been. Then he told me that he had fried chicken, mashed potatoes and apple crisp for lunch.  He said, I don't know what people are talking about when they complain about hospital is delicious.

Yep, he's on his way back!

Way to go Dad!  Keep working hard and feeling better!

For all of you sweet souls who have worried about Lana, let me tell you she is doing fine as well.  She spent all the live long day at the hospital yesterday and got out for a bit today to a doctors appointment.  Dad said he told her to go home and get some sleep tonight.  I bet she will sleep like a rock.  

He is expected to head home Friday afternoon, so keep saying prayers for his continued success with the recovery.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bob's Bionic Knee

Bob is having knee replacement surgery this morning.  Please say a prayer for him. 

He is the Best Dad Ever.  No really...he wins. Hands down.

He is also an amazing family man and Grandpa.  These are his major life accomplishments.  Even without a knee he would continue to be great at these.

However, he also has some lesser known skills, like being an awesome photographer (have you seen his zoom stance?  It's epic.), handyman, dancer, marksman and most notably the Fayetteville county Ping Pong Champion and two time Texas Driveway Basketball Champion.  He needs his knee to continue to build his portfolio of accomplishments.

I will be praying hard for you Dad!  I love you!   And seriously, I can't wait to see what you can do with some bionic parts! 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Sister

Happy Birthday to my sweet, strong, smart, beautiful sister.  Otherwise known as "The Nice One".

I wish you were here to spend a marathon day in the garden with me. 
After which, we would drink frozen whiskey sours and talk about how sore our arms were.

I wish I was there to spend a marathon day painting with you.
After which, we would drink a giant bloody mary with a full course salad in it and consider it diet food.

I wish you were here to spend a night cooking with me, trying out a new fabulous recipe.
After which, we would drink a big glass of wine and laugh our heads off.

I wish I was there to take a long walk with you and spill our guts to each other about all the hard stuff.
After which, we would mix up some Texas size margaritas and realize we were going to be okay.

Apparently, I love you and and I love drinking.  Mostly, I love you.

You are so precious to me.

I hope your day is filled with love, joy, peace and happiness.
You deserve that, and so much more.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shoe Question

I got tons of questions about why Chip was spray painting tennis shoes the other day when he was spray painting the shoe boxes for his ATM Machine.  "Tons of questions" might be a bit of an overstatement....I actually just got one question.  It was from Ms. Tennessee. 

Dear Ms. Tennessee - Thank you so much for the great question and for reading my blog closely enough to give a rip to even ask a question.  I sincerely appreciate that.  Sincerely.  Really.   So, about those shoes!  I am making the centerpieces for the Cross Country Trivia Night Fundraiser.  We are hoping to have about 20 teams, which means there will be 20 tables.  The centerpieces are going to be a pair of silver spray painted tennis shoes with a wooden dowel in them, topped with a 12X12 sign that has a 5X7 black and white picture of our runners and then Table 1, Table 2, Table 3, etc. below the picture. The signs are double sided so they can be seen from any angle.  I have made a sample, but haven't taken any pictures.  I will do that soon so you can get a visual for how the shoes are going to look.  I have about 9 more days to whip up 19 more of those suckers.  I have also got to make 20 little signs that say "Cell Phone Basket" where everyone will put their cell phones in the center of the table for the night.  No Googling for the trivia answers!   Also have some other signs to make and it is starting to make me antsy!  Must get busy!  Lots to do and not enough hours in the day! 

Anyway, thank you again for the great question.   Keep them coming!

Have a terrific Thursday!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yesterday afternoon, Harry came in from school in his normal dramatic fashion.  Sloughed his backpack off his shoulders like it was filled with boulders, slammed it into a chair, deep exhausted sigh as he falls into a hug as though it took every ounce of his strength to drag himself through the day.  Then just as quickly, he is rejuvenated.  He is heading to the pantry for the first of two pudding cups, giving me the run down on his day.  I get the highlights and the low lights (damn Math!). We go over  what he has to get done for homework, etc.

After scarfing his pudding cups, he is milling around the kitchen while I putter around in there too.  I am wiping off the kitchen counters or something and turn around and he has picked up some tweezers that were by the kitchen sink and is squeezing his bottom lip with them.

I say "Harry, I wouldn't do that.  I used those tweezers to pull dead crickets out of their cage today."

Eyes bulge open.  Gasping.  Pulling his lower lip out from him face.  He is in immediate distress.

Harry:  "AHHHHH,  what do I do???  OMG????  Help me.  Dead crickets."

He dashes to the sink, scalding water blasting on his face.

I assure him that I rinsed the tweezers off after "Operation Dead Cricket Removal" so I am sure he is not going to die or anything.  No reason to panic.  Just don't put tweezers in your mouth.  You'll be fine.

He wasn't so sure.  Not sure he will touch of pair of tweezers again.

I laughed so hard.

I love my Harry!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ATM Machine

Chip is the proud creator, designer and owner of a sweet ATM Valentine's Box. 

Over the weekend, he got to spray paint for the first time.  

He shook that can of paint like a pro.

His eyes lit up when I told him I needed him to paint these two boxes and a pair of shoes?  Really?  Yep. 

He sprayed a nice thin coat on everything and then we did that about five more times.  Who knew it would take so many coats of paint to cover a shoe box!

Then it was off to the computer to print out some words to bring this machine to life.  A little gluing, a little cutting and waaa  laaaa.... Chip's Bank.  Please note that to protect the identity of my children from their grandparents (holla, Mer and Grandpa!) and the four other close personal friends who read this blog, I have erased Chip's real name from this picture.  I am very smart, am I not?

He was very proud of his ATM Machine as he trotted off to school this morning. 

Can't wait to go through his "Deposits" after school and see the cute Valentine's Cards he gets.

Hope your day is giving you lots to smile about!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Made My Day

I opened the door this morning to take Chip to school and noticed a Fed Ex envelope peeking out from under my front door mat.  I hadn't noticed it yesterday.  I picked it up and saw the return address was one of my work office locations that I have been supporting recently. 

I opened it, expecting it to be a signed document or some paperwork for one of the agreements.

I opened it....well actually Chip opened it.
Inside was a card.  With my name on it.

Inside was a Thank You card and American Express Gift Card from the new Head Honcho Big Boss.

Blew me away.

Made me grin.

Made me want to work harder.

Made me want to cry a little bit.

What probably seemed like a small gesture to him had a giant impact on me.  The email thank you he sent me last week was thanks enough, but taking the time to hand write and send me a thank you note, well that will not be forgotten.  And the American Express card...I am going to do something nice for myself with that!

I bet his momma is so proud of him. 

Made my day!

Now, get out there and make someone's day!

It's The Weekend!!!

It is Friday and the weekend ahead is looking full and fun!  On the agenda...

*  Make Valentine's Box for Chip.  We are going for an ATM Bank Machine.  There is spray paint involved so it should be fun!  Pictures to follow!

*  Chip needs to address his Valentines for his classmates.

*  Wrap Ms. Coleman's Valentine's gift.

*  Valentine's Shopping for my boys.

*  Cross Country Centerpiece Sample - I am making the centerpieces for the Cross Country Trivia Night Fundraiser and need to make a sample to take to the meeting on Sunday afternoon.

*  Mail a box to a special someone special who is having surgery.

*  Basketball Game and Baseball Practice

We will also have the regular stuff like homework (BOOOOOO!!!) but when I see a few creative days ahead of me it is always a good thing.

Chip is totally hooked on cooking.  He hears me pull a pan out in the kitchen and he comes running in....can I help?  In fact, he wants to make Valentine's Dinner for the family.  On the menu, homemade Chicken nuggets and a Chocolate Trifle.  The trifle idea is one he made up in his own head.....uh oh.  May have to steer him to a recipe but we shall see!

Hope your weekend is giving you something to look forward to!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chip's First Guest Post

My sweet boy grabbed my computer Tuesday night and was typing away.  I asked him what he was doing and he said "Writing my first blog".  Awww....melts a blogger momma's heart.  With one or two small edits, here is Chip's entry:


For Christmas I got a ping pong net that extends over your table and ever since my family has played constantly. Seriously we challenge each other 24/7 all the time. Its truly chaos. My brother screams at his paddle and yelling “you have to be &*%$* kidding me excessively.

(Parental Note inserted here:  I don't know what kind of cuss words Chip is implying are going on in our dining room, but I assure you they are not that bad.  However, it is true that Harry is high energy and does scream at his paddle excessively.)

My dad on the other hand is calm but smacks the heck out of the ball at 100 miles per hour at your face. Also he’s a Bragger after destroying you 11-00

(Parental Note inserted here: Dad takes exception to the notion that he is a Bragger.)

Next my mom is calm and our games are about 1 hour at least caused by extremely good volleying skills. I swear we might set the new record.

(Parental Note inserted here:  I need to find out what the official Guinness Book of World Records is for volleying between mother and son on a dining room table, because we might actually be able to break it. "Extremely good volleying skills", let's jot that down for my resume!)

I know I am blogging this Ping Ponging to death, but it is what is up at our house!  Hope your day is going great!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ten Random Tidbits

This will be a speed round today...I don't even think I have ten things rattling around in the old brain today, but lets give it a go!

1.  I am hooked on Greek yogurt.  It is delicious.

2.  Beth is planning to disconnect her phone land line.  I do not like this.  I have been dialing that number almost daily for 11 years.  Sometimes, more than once a day.  We have lots of things to discuss.  I am also frequently known to dial her cell phone, but only if she doesn't answer her home phone.  This change will be hard for me, but I will comply.  However, I am going to call her ten times a day until the line is clipped just because I can. I will miss that number.

3.  Harry has been struggling to beat me in ping pong.  Really struggling.  He is trying to use mad skills his dad is teaching him and I just stand there like a moron with my paddle in my hand.  He beats himself every time.  Seriously getting frustrated for him and for me.  I mean seriously, hit it over the net to me enough times and I will finally screw up.  You don't have to go all kamikaze and try and smash it to death.  FINALLY, last night he won a game.  I was so happy for him.

4.   No problem so far with cutting back on my computer time.  I haven't missed it.

5.  I was doing some sweet dance moves in the car on the way to school this morning to Chip's dance tunes.  I had a slamming arm move that made me totally feel like a Solid Gold Dancer!  Who remembers the Solid Gold Dancers?  Anyway, Chip looks at me and you can tell he is praying for someone to kidnap him.  I told him when I got in the school parking lot I was going to roll down my window so I could do the sweet move with both arms.  His face went immediately to a panic state.  "Please Mom, NO!  Just go home."  Love you, sweet boy, see you after school!    

6.  Work is busy.

7.  I was helping Chip with a homework project yesterday.  He had to create an award to give to the author of his book.  He decided on "The Most Action Packed" book award.  I was helping him cut out stars with my new cricut machine.  He typed up his summary and award words, played around with Word Art to make them look fancy and then printed them.  I cut them out and glued them on for him.  He picks up the finished product and says "Good job, Mom.  You do good work."  I think I may have over-helped. 

8.  Are y'all watching "The Voice"?  I like that show. 

9.  Bob is having knee replacement surgery on February 21st.  Mark you calendars so you can send up a little prayer for him.  The three primary tools in his surgery...a bone saw, a mallet and a drill.  Can you say "OW".

10.  Bama is still kickin'.  Chip dropped him a little bit a couple weeks ago when he was cleaning his cage.  He kind of went into hiding for a few days and didn't eat.  I was worried.  Turns out he is fine.  Last night he made a leaping cricket snag off of his rock.  It was spectacular.  Lizards are fun to watch.  So are crickets...although I think crickets are really just cockroaches with bent back legs.  In fact, I pretty sure they are really closely related.  Ewww.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Cutting Back

I have spent the last few minutes deleting all the Bookmarks to the Blogs I read for pleasure.   These are blogs that I check in on a couple of times a day, early in the morning, while I am waiting on an email or watching TV.  They are all decorating; parenting; surviving life blogs.  Most of them highly entertaining and funny.  I probably have twenty or so that I follow regularly.  The thing is...I don't know any of the people who write them.  I feel like I do, but I don't.  I don't know what their real lives are like.  You can be anyone you want in cyberspace. And mostly these folks are pretty darn awesome.

This morning during our little bible study the subject of social networking came up and how it impacts people.  Social networking includes things like Facebook, Twitter and blogs and stuff.  I walked away with a fresh realization that people mostly just post the good stuff happening in their lives.  The stuff that is fun, the things that they are celebrating like...husband brought them flowers, just ran a marathon, child just did this that and the other awesome thing, going on a fabulous vacation.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I love hearing about those awesome things people are sharing.  It makes me feel connected to them to know what is happening in their life.  And make no mistake about it, I am the first to raise my hand and say that I do it too.

If you read my blog, and I assume you do if you are here reading this, then you know that I post the highlights, the funny stuff, the good times of our lives.  I have occasionally talked about some sad stuff, but not the really hard stuff.  The stuff that sits deep inside your heart or head that worries you over and over and all the time.   I do talk with my closest friends about some of the hard stuff...and you know what I have found.  We ALL have it.  The more you talk to people about the hard stuff, the more you look them in the eye and see them nodding in agreement.  We all have insecurities, we all beat ourselves up over things that we wish we had or hadn't said to our kids or our husbands, changes we want to make in ourselves, relationships that are difficult, goals not achieved, all those things that weigh on a person.  We humans are so much more alike than we are different.  I find so much comfort in that, don't you?

But back to the social networking stuff.  The bottom line is that if you keep reading just the good stuff, then it starts to feel like no one else has hard stuff.  No one but you.  Then you start to think that something might be wrong with your own little piece of the world.  And who knows, maybe there is something wrong but reading about other peoples lives isn't going to fix it.  In fact, I will wager to say that it probably makes it worse.  You can't compare your life to anyone else's life.  It serves no purpose.

So, I am going to do myself a favor and unplug from those strangers lives for a while or maybe forever.  Cut back a bit.  See how it feels.

I am however going to keep blogging because I love it.  And, I am going to keep blogging about my family's highlights, funny stuff and great news coming out of our house because I want to celebrate those things.  My kids read this blog every now and again and I want to preserve some of their childhood here.  Maybe in twenty years they can look back at my stories with their own kids and share a few laughs.  Nothing would bring me greater joy.  Big smile on my face as I imagine Harry sharing the blog about him farting and burping at the same time...or Chip reading his kids the story about meeting his childhood hero Rey Mysterio for the first time.  I think my blog also gives them a piece of me.  A piece of my heart.  I love that.

But I am going to drop off the other blogs I read as well as Facebook.  It is going to free up some time in my day as a bonus.   Now, I am probably going to keep looking at Pinterest because there are some really terrific ideas out there people!

I will let you know how my little experiment goes.

More to come on the weekend happenings around here!

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Job Satisfaction

For the last several weeks I have been working on getting a subcontract issued for work.  Now, this is what I do on the daily so that may not seem like a big deal.  This subcontract however had every hard and difficult circumstance associated it with it that you can imagine.  As an added complication, I have a new big boss.  You know a big boss would be my boss' boss.  New head honcho.  Someone new who knows nothing about me.  Someone who has probably already questioned why they keep some chick on part time who works from home.  Someone I really would like to impress, so he can leave me to doing my thing and continue this great gig I have working from home.  

The subcontract value required his signature.  That meant he had to review and approve my work before I could issue the agreement.  That also means, I have been in daily correspondence with him over the last several weeks trying to work through all of these complicated issues.   That means I had to show up big time, know my stuff, get my ducks in a row and do my job really, really well. 

Today, at 6:50 p.m. I FINALLY issued the subcontract.  

It was a long and difficult birth and I am not sure how pretty the baby is, but it is done and I am thrilled.  

As an additional bonus, the big boss sent me an email thanking me for my efforts and told me that I had done a great job on a difficult procurement.   


Sometimes, there is just nothing better than hearing "Job Well Done".  Especially when you have worked hard.   Job satisfaction.  It is a good thing. 

Tonight I am celebrating with a nice glass of wine.  Or two.  Great way to wrap up a busy week. 

I hope your week was productive and you have a great sense of accomplishment heading into the weekend.   I know that I do! 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Joker

This morning I woke up with a raging headache.  That does not happen very often.  I think it is supposed to rain a little later today, so I don't know if it is related to weather, allergies, slept wrong....who knows.  I took some Aleve, threw on my walking clothes, grabbed my hat to cover my crazy hair and hit the road at 5:30 a.m. to walk with Martha.   Not very far into our walk my hat felt like it was squeezing my head like a vise.  It hurt.  Come on Aleve, do your thing!  I ended up taking off my hat and carrying it in my hand.

For those of you who know me well, you know that my hair on a humid morning can only mean one thing....big fat giant mess.   Without my hat to tamper it down, my hair grows by the minute on mornings like this. A big fuzzy, curling disaster.

Here is a recap of my conversation with Chip this morning on the way to school:

Chip:  Mom, I hope your headache goes away and you feel better.
Me:   Oh, thank you sweetheart. I do too.  I was just sitting here thinking that I hope my hair doesn't scare any small children while I am dropping you off this morning.
Chip (with a smile):  It might.  I think if you spray paint your hair green you would look exactly like The Joker.

I just cracked up.

For those of you who don't watch Superhero movies, The Joker is one of the villains from Batman?

Isn't he precious?  His hair is lovely, is it not?  Unfortunately, my son is not that far off.  A little can of green hair paint and you would be hard pressed to tell my hair from the Jokers.  Scaring small children it seems is definitely in the realm of possibility.

I am so thankful that I didn't have any eyeliner or lipstick on this morning because this image could be a little closer to reality than I can even stand.

Chip went on to thoughtfully help me pull together a Halloween costume for next year.  He said "You can borrow Ms. Martha's purple pants and get a purple shirt, green hair paint and some lipstick and you have a great costume". 

I need to call for a haircut appointment immediately.

Here's to a wonderful Thursday and I have high hopes that your hair is behaving better than mine is today!!!