Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ATM Machine

Chip is the proud creator, designer and owner of a sweet ATM Valentine's Box. 

Over the weekend, he got to spray paint for the first time.  

He shook that can of paint like a pro.

His eyes lit up when I told him I needed him to paint these two boxes and a pair of shoes?  Really?  Yep. 

He sprayed a nice thin coat on everything and then we did that about five more times.  Who knew it would take so many coats of paint to cover a shoe box!

Then it was off to the computer to print out some words to bring this machine to life.  A little gluing, a little cutting and waaa  laaaa.... Chip's Bank.  Please note that to protect the identity of my children from their grandparents (holla, Mer and Grandpa!) and the four other close personal friends who read this blog, I have erased Chip's real name from this picture.  I am very smart, am I not?

He was very proud of his ATM Machine as he trotted off to school this morning. 

Can't wait to go through his "Deposits" after school and see the cute Valentine's Cards he gets.

Hope your day is giving you lots to smile about!


  1. I LOVE IT!!! The creativity at your house overfloweth!! Chip will have some awesome deposits I am sure of it. ~Beth

  2. that's awesome....martha

  3. Maybe I am having a "blonde moment" but why did you spray paint the shoes?

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