Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bionic Bob

Bob's knee replacement surgery went perfectly.  No complications, no surprises, no problems.  But now comes the hard part....the recovery.

I talked to him last night about 8:00 when he was about six or so hours post-op. He sounded awful.  He had been real disoriented and couldn't remember why he was in the hospital.  His voice was real groggy and he said he was nauseous and his knee was really hurting.  I was so glad I wasn't there to see him, because that would have been difficult.  When I got off the phone with him and sent an email to my brother and sister.  "Dad sounds super groggy and is in pain.  Also, they brought him dinner and when they uncovered the plate, he barfed.  That is a first.  Bob throwing up at the sight of food?  Unheard of."  He does not barf and especially over food.   Food poisoning, west nile virus, Lyme disease...yes he might barf, but just smelling food...never.  

This morning I called and he sounded a little better.  Still tired and as anyone who has been in the hospital can tell you, he did not get any rest.  They were in and out of his room a million times at night, taking vitals, checking his fluids, etc.  He said his IV had run out and he had bled so much out of his drainage tube that blood had gone all over the floor.  Gross.  He did say that when they brought breakfast in that he scarfed it down.  Waffles, scrambled eggs and sausage.  Oh, and they brought him lots of coffee.  He was a happy camper.  He also had gotten up out of bed and tried walking with his walker.  He almost buckled under the pain, but the big strapping Physical Therapist caught him.  He had been strapped into the knee moving machine for several hours and it wasn't too bad.  Definitely an improvement.

Finally, I talked to him this evening and it was like a party was going on in his room.  He was filling me in on his events of the day.  Talking to "Ms. Rita", his nurse, at the same time he was talking to me.  He did four more hours in the knee moving machine, had three physical therapy sessions, had his IV removed, the morphine was taken away, and had a sponge bath given by three young UAH nursing students.  Rita was leaving for her shift and he asked her to please run get him some pain medicine before the shift change so he wouldn't be left hanging.  He also yelled after her "Be sure and warn Jessica about me so she knows what to expect."  He knew all the folks by name, even the ones he hadn't met yet.  He said that his doctor came in this afternoon and asked him how he was doing.   Bob said "My knee hurts.  Bad."  Dr. Tindle says "It's only been 24 hours."  Bob says "I know.  I didn't think it was going to hurt this bad."  Tindle says "Apparently, you didn't read the pamphlet."  He also told me that their was a young nurse at the nurses station and when he was shuffling by on his walker he said "You want to race?"  Told me how nice everyone had been. Then he told me that he had fried chicken, mashed potatoes and apple crisp for lunch.  He said, I don't know what people are talking about when they complain about hospital is delicious.

Yep, he's on his way back!

Way to go Dad!  Keep working hard and feeling better!

For all of you sweet souls who have worried about Lana, let me tell you she is doing fine as well.  She spent all the live long day at the hospital yesterday and got out for a bit today to a doctors appointment.  Dad said he told her to go home and get some sleep tonight.  I bet she will sleep like a rock.  

He is expected to head home Friday afternoon, so keep saying prayers for his continued success with the recovery.

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  1. Glad your dad is doing better and hope he goes home today. I'm sure all the nurses will miss him though.