Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chip's First Guest Post

My sweet boy grabbed my computer Tuesday night and was typing away.  I asked him what he was doing and he said "Writing my first blog".  Awww....melts a blogger momma's heart.  With one or two small edits, here is Chip's entry:


For Christmas I got a ping pong net that extends over your table and ever since my family has played constantly. Seriously we challenge each other 24/7 all the time. Its truly chaos. My brother screams at his paddle and yelling “you have to be &*%$* kidding me excessively.

(Parental Note inserted here:  I don't know what kind of cuss words Chip is implying are going on in our dining room, but I assure you they are not that bad.  However, it is true that Harry is high energy and does scream at his paddle excessively.)

My dad on the other hand is calm but smacks the heck out of the ball at 100 miles per hour at your face. Also he’s a Bragger after destroying you 11-00

(Parental Note inserted here: Dad takes exception to the notion that he is a Bragger.)

Next my mom is calm and our games are about 1 hour at least caused by extremely good volleying skills. I swear we might set the new record.

(Parental Note inserted here:  I need to find out what the official Guinness Book of World Records is for volleying between mother and son on a dining room table, because we might actually be able to break it. "Extremely good volleying skills", let's jot that down for my resume!)

I know I am blogging this Ping Ponging to death, but it is what is up at our house!  Hope your day is going great!


  1. great post chip. really like the fact that you enjoy playing games so much with your family.

  2. Headline.......Alabama Grandpa becomes the first person to win two Texas State Championships:
    1. Two on Two Driveway Basketball Championship
    2. Soon to come, Dining Room table tennis (Ping Pong) Champion.

    Nice post Chip

  3. Wow! What a great writer you are, Chip. Bet your mama is soooo proud.
    Note to Melissa: Apparently kids really do watch us. Yikes. Way to go being an awesome mom!!!

  4. Loved your post, Chip. You are a "chip" off the old (Mom) block. The big smile you gave when you spotted me in the lunchroom brightened my day!