Monday, February 6, 2012

Cutting Back

I have spent the last few minutes deleting all the Bookmarks to the Blogs I read for pleasure.   These are blogs that I check in on a couple of times a day, early in the morning, while I am waiting on an email or watching TV.  They are all decorating; parenting; surviving life blogs.  Most of them highly entertaining and funny.  I probably have twenty or so that I follow regularly.  The thing is...I don't know any of the people who write them.  I feel like I do, but I don't.  I don't know what their real lives are like.  You can be anyone you want in cyberspace. And mostly these folks are pretty darn awesome.

This morning during our little bible study the subject of social networking came up and how it impacts people.  Social networking includes things like Facebook, Twitter and blogs and stuff.  I walked away with a fresh realization that people mostly just post the good stuff happening in their lives.  The stuff that is fun, the things that they are celebrating like...husband brought them flowers, just ran a marathon, child just did this that and the other awesome thing, going on a fabulous vacation.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I love hearing about those awesome things people are sharing.  It makes me feel connected to them to know what is happening in their life.  And make no mistake about it, I am the first to raise my hand and say that I do it too.

If you read my blog, and I assume you do if you are here reading this, then you know that I post the highlights, the funny stuff, the good times of our lives.  I have occasionally talked about some sad stuff, but not the really hard stuff.  The stuff that sits deep inside your heart or head that worries you over and over and all the time.   I do talk with my closest friends about some of the hard stuff...and you know what I have found.  We ALL have it.  The more you talk to people about the hard stuff, the more you look them in the eye and see them nodding in agreement.  We all have insecurities, we all beat ourselves up over things that we wish we had or hadn't said to our kids or our husbands, changes we want to make in ourselves, relationships that are difficult, goals not achieved, all those things that weigh on a person.  We humans are so much more alike than we are different.  I find so much comfort in that, don't you?

But back to the social networking stuff.  The bottom line is that if you keep reading just the good stuff, then it starts to feel like no one else has hard stuff.  No one but you.  Then you start to think that something might be wrong with your own little piece of the world.  And who knows, maybe there is something wrong but reading about other peoples lives isn't going to fix it.  In fact, I will wager to say that it probably makes it worse.  You can't compare your life to anyone else's life.  It serves no purpose.

So, I am going to do myself a favor and unplug from those strangers lives for a while or maybe forever.  Cut back a bit.  See how it feels.

I am however going to keep blogging because I love it.  And, I am going to keep blogging about my family's highlights, funny stuff and great news coming out of our house because I want to celebrate those things.  My kids read this blog every now and again and I want to preserve some of their childhood here.  Maybe in twenty years they can look back at my stories with their own kids and share a few laughs.  Nothing would bring me greater joy.  Big smile on my face as I imagine Harry sharing the blog about him farting and burping at the same time...or Chip reading his kids the story about meeting his childhood hero Rey Mysterio for the first time.  I think my blog also gives them a piece of me.  A piece of my heart.  I love that.

But I am going to drop off the other blogs I read as well as Facebook.  It is going to free up some time in my day as a bonus.   Now, I am probably going to keep looking at Pinterest because there are some really terrific ideas out there people!

I will let you know how my little experiment goes.

More to come on the weekend happenings around here!

Happy Monday!


  1. Please don't ever stop! I love starting my morning reading your blog. It always puts a smile on my face.

  2. I will protest on your front lawn with signs if you stop blogging. And I must remind you that I will most likely be IN MY ROBE.

    You have inspired me to take up writing in my "Jason" journal again. I was so good about it when he was younger, but got sidetracked with life and other stuff. I wanted it to be something he (or maybe even his wife) could read to remember what he was like when he was "little". You've reminded me that it's important to preserve memories.

  3. If you quit blogging, I will be forced to start doing things the correct and smart way. Like that's going to happen ha,ha. "Bob's Chronicles"

    Keep the blogs coming, we look forward to reading about all your doings, family and friends. Your the BEST!


  4. Your children will be forever grateful for your blogging. And your children's children, and your children's, children's children. They may have to have the terminology of the time explained to them,and of course all those high tech devices we have now will be archaic by then. You may want to take photos of all of the tech stuff. So your future grandchillins will know how rough we had it "way back then" and what the heck your talking about when you mention an I Pad, etc. LOL. What a wonderful gift to leave them.

  5. forgot to sign my name to my comment,