Friday, February 10, 2012

It's The Weekend!!!

It is Friday and the weekend ahead is looking full and fun!  On the agenda...

*  Make Valentine's Box for Chip.  We are going for an ATM Bank Machine.  There is spray paint involved so it should be fun!  Pictures to follow!

*  Chip needs to address his Valentines for his classmates.

*  Wrap Ms. Coleman's Valentine's gift.

*  Valentine's Shopping for my boys.

*  Cross Country Centerpiece Sample - I am making the centerpieces for the Cross Country Trivia Night Fundraiser and need to make a sample to take to the meeting on Sunday afternoon.

*  Mail a box to a special someone special who is having surgery.

*  Basketball Game and Baseball Practice

We will also have the regular stuff like homework (BOOOOOO!!!) but when I see a few creative days ahead of me it is always a good thing.

Chip is totally hooked on cooking.  He hears me pull a pan out in the kitchen and he comes running in....can I help?  In fact, he wants to make Valentine's Dinner for the family.  On the menu, homemade Chicken nuggets and a Chocolate Trifle.  The trifle idea is one he made up in his own head.....uh oh.  May have to steer him to a recipe but we shall see!

Hope your weekend is giving you something to look forward to!

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