Friday, February 10, 2012

Made My Day

I opened the door this morning to take Chip to school and noticed a Fed Ex envelope peeking out from under my front door mat.  I hadn't noticed it yesterday.  I picked it up and saw the return address was one of my work office locations that I have been supporting recently. 

I opened it, expecting it to be a signed document or some paperwork for one of the agreements.

I opened it....well actually Chip opened it.
Inside was a card.  With my name on it.

Inside was a Thank You card and American Express Gift Card from the new Head Honcho Big Boss.

Blew me away.

Made me grin.

Made me want to work harder.

Made me want to cry a little bit.

What probably seemed like a small gesture to him had a giant impact on me.  The email thank you he sent me last week was thanks enough, but taking the time to hand write and send me a thank you note, well that will not be forgotten.  And the American Express card...I am going to do something nice for myself with that!

I bet his momma is so proud of him. 

Made my day!

Now, get out there and make someone's day!


  1. I LOVE that! We just did the same thing for one of Kevin's co-workers that was in a wreck over the weekend. She and her family are fine - just a little whiplash. I hope she buys some take-out dinners until she gets to feeling better!


  3. Wow! That is very impressive!