Friday, March 30, 2012

Harry Turns the Big 1 - 6!

My baby turned sixteen years old today.  It is a momentous occasion and I have blinked back tears more than once today.  I just can't believe sixteen years have past since I first laid eyes on his beautiful head.  I loved him instantly, powerfully and with the most joyful love imaginable.  I still do.  In fact, I love him even more.  

To kick things off this morning, we gathered up sixteen balloons.

We tied gift cards and little prizes to each one.

We snuck up to his room at 6:45 this morning and put the balloons all around him.

We sang happy birthday to him.  He was confused and dazed.  Mission accomplished.

Then he went back to sleep.  

The best part of his day came after school.  Hubby got a terrific deal on a truck and it was waiting in front of the house when Harry got off the bus.

No one was more excited than Chip!

He digs the new Frontier!

Harry walked into the cul-de-sac.

Just strolling along, beautiful day!

Then he stops, more confusion sets in as he starts putting the pieces together.

He takes off running!

Hollering "Is that mine?"

"Are you kidding me?  Where did it come from?  Is it to keep?"

Then he is sitting behind the wheel and I am crying again.  Look at my baby.

He's not a baby at all.  He is a young man.  A fine, fine, young man that just fills my heart with joy, pride and love.  Look at that smile.

He's a big boy.  He's 16.  He is growing up.

So excited for his future.  So grateful for his health and happiness.  He is a great kid and I feel so blessed that I have had the pleasure of being his mom.  I am the lucky one, for sure.

Sweet sixteen, Harry!  I love you to the moon and back!


P.S.  Don't even get me started on the note his Dad gave to him.  It was so sweet and I cried again.  Harry did too.  It was an emotional, wonderful, happy day around here.  A perfect day to celebrate Harry!


  1. Happy Birthday Harry! Sweet ride!! :) Ms. Beth

  2. Brian should write for Hallmark. Post the note.

  3. I can't post on the old lady glasses but Brian is right. We need some cool looking specs, come on.... Get the hot glue gun and the the sports logos and maybe some little Swarovski crystals and get crafting girl.