Saturday, March 3, 2012

A List

I love waking up on Saturday morning while the house is still quiet.  Started a pot of coffee, a load of laundry, cleaned a bathroom...and now I am snuggled up under a blanket with a hot cup of coffee at my side, a shedding beast of a dog at my feet.  It is nice.  

Let's make  a list.  I love lists.  It is a problem.  This list has no specific topic, just a catch up list of the goings on around here. 

1.  Harry was sick this week.  So was Hubby.  They are both recovering well.  I do not want to be sick. 

2.  Everything is blooming here.  The mountain laurels are covered in blooms.  Smells like a giant vat of grape kool-aid outside.  That is a pretty nice smell.  The bradford pears are blooming, my crazy vine on the back fence is blooming.  Time to get out in the garden and clear away the dead and make room for the new growth.  I love that.

3.  Astro is shedding.  Like crazy. Like gobs of hair falling out everywhere. Goodbye winter coat. He would be the perfect dog if he was bald.  

4.  I met a couple of other Mom's up at Chip's school to decorate his room for Surf Write A Long.  The kids are spending every day next week practicing their writing skills.  They have some standardized test coming up and it is like intense writing camp.  It has to be fun though, so each room has been transformed into a tropical paradise.  We thought our room was rocking with about 30 beach balls hung from the ceiling.  We had some beach chairs, pool floats, beach towels, some net and beach signs hanging up.  Then we went out in the hall and looked in the other rooms.  We have some major overachievers.  They had big shade tents with dried grass hanging on all sides making it a little hut.  There were beach umbrellas and swimming pools filled with pillows.  Now we feel like slackers.  Darn - should not have looked.

5.  Cashew/Pretzel Zone Bars are the bomb. 

6.  I will be prepping for my next Lakeside visit this weekend.  We are painting cute little birdhouses and playing Bingo.  This may be the easiest prep time for me yet! 

7.  I have Bunco tonight. I am a little worried about staying on my eating plan.  It could be a challenge, but I am going to look at it as my first opportunity to succeed.  I will be prepared and I will remember that it is a choice to feed my body what it needs instead of what it might want.  Retraining my cells.  I will also remember how good it feels to see that damn scale move in a downward direction.  

8.  Work has been very busy.  Many, many proposals going on.  Things wrapping up.  Things dropping off.  New proposals cranking up.  It is a circus.  

9.  Bob is getting a bit of an appetite back.  Physical therapy is very hard but he is doing it.  Making progress! 

10.  I am off to the gym to get in my leg workout, then I am going to tackle the monster "To Do" list on my kitchen counter.  Weather is going to be spectacular today so I might do the outside chores FIRST!  

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!  

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