Thursday, March 29, 2012

Old Lady Glasses

I bought two pair of "old lady" reading glasses at the grocery store last night.  My arms just aren't long enough for me to read the small print on anything.  I feel like my eyes almost cross trying to bring little print into focus these days.  I took one pair upstairs to the bedroom and left one pair downstairs in the kitchen.  As I am getting ready for bed, Hubby walks into the bathroom with the shiny blue pair in his hand and the following conversation ensues:

Hubby:  "What in the world are these?" 
Me:  "Those are my new reader cheaters, since I am really struggling to read small print."
Hubby:  "Oh brother"
Me:   "Try them."

He puts them on and I hand him a bottle of hairspray with tiny small print on the back label. 

He reads it easily. 

Me:  "Now take the glasses off"
Hubby: "Damn."
Me: "I know, right? 

He does the experiment a few more times...putting the glasses on to read something then taking them off to see if he can see it.  Same results.  Those magnifiers just help. 

As he is heading out of the bathroom he says "Why can't they make them look any cooler?"

I just laughed.  Afraid our "cool" days may be coming to an end, dear.   But we can see!  Yea!

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