Sunday, March 18, 2012

Top Ten Tidbits

Hello my peeps!  Is anyone still reading this thing???  My apologies for not posting last week!  It was Spring Break, we had company, I had two proposals due on Friday, babysitting the neighbors dogs and the full time job of being healthy.  I was a tad overwhelmed!  Let's catch you up with a little Top Ten Tidbits!

1.  Chip was in a baseball camp for three mornings last week.  He got to play in the Dell Diamond, the stadium for the Round Rock Express Triple A team.  He had fun and got the Coaches Award for his group!  Good job, Chip.

2.  Malarie and Brett came on Monday.  They were so much fun!  We went to see the bats, played a thousand and two games of ping pong, went to a basketball game, Dave and Busters and they entertained themselves while I worked during the day, watching Chip's baseball camp, shopping at IKEA and the outlet malls.   They played basketball with the boys, Xbox, brushed Astro, basically were just awesome.  Then Callie, Megan and Patrick joined us on Thursday.  We tried to cram as much fun into a couple of days as we could. Hubby took off and spent the day with them on Friday.  We watched a movie.  On Friday night we went to Freebirds to eat.  Saturday, we  hit the Outlet Mall, lunch at Carinos, then the Container Store, Nordstrom Rack and Whole Foods.  We were all pooped.  They left this morning and we all miss them.  We laughed more this week than a family has a right to!

3.  While they were here they celebrated Harry's 16th birthday.  They came up with a scavenger hunt, with sixteen clues, wads of money and Alabama accessories for his first car and a spectacular homemade card. He loved it and his wallet wouldn't even shut with all the bills! 

4.  How did I do on the fitness front while they were here?  Fantastic!  I walked every morning, worked out with Chad, ate good, kept my journal and am now officially down nine pounds!  Yea!  One one more to reach my first ten pound goal!  It's working!  I did 240 crunches on Friday and 225 on Saturday!  Hard.  I think every work out I do at the gym is better than the last one!  Getting stronger, feeling stronger.  Yesterday, I had to do lunges across the gym.  Nothing new there....but then Chad put 10 pounds of weights on my shoulder.  He said, this is what you have lost.  Do those lunges again. much harder.  It was a great reminder of how every pound off is going to make me feel so much better!

5.  When we ate out, I got a salad and grilled chicken. Every time.  Every single place we went.  It maybe didn't taste as good as some of the other items on the table, but no one felt better than me walking out of a restaurant!  Super proud. 

6.  Some new instructions from Chad to share with you:   Eat a salad with dinner every night (soluble fiber is outstanding for you!), eat grapefruit every morning, drink a protein shake after a workout (rebuilds and repairs muscles!).  One day a week I am just going to drink protein shakes.  Five of them.  I fortify them with a tablespoon of peanut butter, 1/3 packet of low carb oatmeal and drink five of those over the course of the day.  Should be about 1500 calories, but all liquid.  Apparently, it helps your stomach shrink so in the days following liquid day it takes less food to fill you up.  I am going to do that on Mondays.  Thank goodness they are chocolate and taste pretty good!

7.  A giant, new complicated RFQ hit the streets late last week.  I can't wait to dig in and work on it!

8.  We are starting a new Bible Study - Beth Moore's "Daniel" this week!  I am going to have to miss the first gathering because of the previously mentioned giant, new complicated RFQ but I will catch up!  Very much looking forward to this one.

9.  It is about time to start car shopping for Harry.  Pray for us!

10.  It is cooking day today!  Time to bake my tilapia, salmon and rainbow trout!  Grill some chicken breasts and get them all stored in my Tupperware containers.  Then slicing and dicing veggies, boiling eggs and maybe whipping up a new Zone acceptable salad dressing.  Being prepared is definitely the key to me being able to make good choices.  And Zone Bars. They are the bomb!  Peanut Butter Chocolate is my favorite!

I hope your week was great and that you had as many laughs as we did.  Let's hope next week is just as awesome!


  1. It's been so long since you posted, I was praying the diet and exercise hadn't done you in! So thrilled for your success!

  2. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! You can do anything you set your mind to do. Good tasting, unhealthy, food only tastes good for probably less than 10 minutes when your eating it. Then it's over. But a fit and trim bod lasts day after day. And feeling lighter and younger will give you more pleasure than food will ever do. You are going to win this battle this time. This is your time to take control over food. I'm pulling for you girl. You can do this.
    I might have to find me 'a Chad'.