Friday, March 2, 2012

What I Am Learning

Fat free cheese is just weird.

I have been making an egg white omelet every morning with spinach, mushrooms and fat free cheese.  I put the cheese on the omelet after it has set up and it melts all yummy and nice.  Put the whole contraption on top of a piece of Ezekiel bread and call it breakfast.

But when you try to cut it up into bite size pieces, the cheese gobs up on your fork or oozes out on your plate and turns into a weird texture that is just hard to stomach.  It doesn't taste bad so much as it is just sticky and weird. 

Regular cheese has 9 grams of fat.  Fat free cheese has 1 gram of fat. 

I guess I can tolerate the weird. 

Here are just a few hopefully helpful tidbits I have learned in my time with Chad, "Mr. Human Body Expert".

1)  When you are hungry, your body is craving protein.  It's true.  I have realized that when I feel hungry I can eat an egg white or a turkey patty or a piece of salmon and almost instantly I don't feel hungry any more.  If you eat crackers, bread, etc. you will still feel hungry because you haven't given  your body the protein it is asking for.  Having protein ready to eat is key.

2)  When you eat good, clean, healthy food...your body needs more every 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  Do not miss, do not skip.  It is like getting behind on pain medication.  You have to stay in front of the hunger so you can make good choices.

3)  Regular white or whole wheat bread takes an hour for your body to break down.  Ezekiel bread takes six hours for your body to break down and use. It is alive and it is packed with good stuff.

4)  ONE grape, one single solitary grape has more sugar in it than 3 whole apples.  EAT APPLES!

5)  Zone bars are amazing and delicious.  Get a box.  Hell, get four boxes.  A perfect 210 calories made up of the perfect 30/30/40.  AND IT IS CHOCOLATE!!!

6)   A whole egg has 90 calories.  75 of those calories are in the yolk.  Also in the yolk is cholesterol and fat.  The egg white?  No cholesterol and almost zero fat.  The bonus of the egg white is it is PACKED with protein.  Stop eating yolks.  Eat egg whites.

7)  Multivitamin.  Take one.  Every day.  It is the school bus in your blood that helps distribute all the nutrients where it needs to go.  Do it.

So what did all of this information that I learned this week mean on the scale?  Good question.  One that I am supremely interested in and also supremely pleased with.  This morning I was down 4.5 pounds! 

Go Chad!  Go Chad!  Go Chad! 
That is all I have for now.  More to come! 

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  1. Go, Melissa! Thanks for sharing your new knowledge.