Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Big Day

Harry passed his driver's license test on Friday....the lady who evaluated him for his test said that his parallel parking was brilliant.  Nothing like ten evenings and 567 practice attempts to make you brilliant at parallel parking!  Slam dunk!

So, this morning he grabbed his keys, listened to me lecture him for five minutes...don't be in a hurry...don't listen to the radio today...the sun will be in your eyes on the way to school so use the visors...park way out...do a pull through so you don't have to reverse after school...lock your truck...don't lose the keys...don't be in a big rush to get out of the parking lot after school, let it clear out a bit....I love you....be careful....buckle up....watch out for all the other idiots on the road....bye.

The door shut.  I stood at the window and watched him drive away.

I wept. 

Wasn't it just yesterday that I was in the hospital parking lot, trying to strap that little seven pounds of joy into a car seat?  The car seat swallowed him whole.  I couldn't believe they just let us drive off with him.  That beautiful baby. We didn't know what in the world we were doing.  I remember pulling up to our house that day and it was all decorated with balloons and streamers.  We carried him into the house and gave him the tour of the house...ending in his sweet Winnie the Pooh nursery.

I wept that day too.

Then, opening your heart to let more love in than you even knew was possible....now, letting go enough to let  him be his own person.  A little independence.  A lot of responsibility. 

I miss him already. 

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