Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Thought Parallel Parking Was Hard....

We woke up this morning and there was some tension floating in the air.  Harry was scheduled to take his driver's license test this morning at 9:00 a.m.  He was a little nervous.  Rightly so, getting your license is a big deal.  We left the house at 8:25, did a quick parallel parking warm up in front of the house.  Did great!  Good boost of confidence.

Arrive at the DMV about 8:40 and finally found a parking spot. The place was packed.  We walked in and there were no less than 100 people in the lobby and a long, long line formed for the information desk.  I asked a nice stranger that looked like she had been there a while what the process was.  She told us to get in line at the information desk and they would assign us a number.  Great. 

There were probably eight or so people in front of us and after about 30 minutes we reached the information desk.  I made small talk with the lady behind the desk, just trying to elicit a smile.  It was not an easy task.

She looked over our paperwork and holds up this piece of paper with a gazillion lines on it and says "Did you fill out this log?"   I said "No, I filled out this log?"  Holding up the driving log we had kept with dates and hours driven.  She said "Oh, well you have to fill out this one too."  Me:  "Oh, okay." 

So, with Harry's help, we lean up against a wall, because interestingly a room full of 100 people filling out paperwork, there is only one desk space that is about eight feet long.   It takes about 10 more minutes to fill out the log and I am just making up dates and times as I go.  I have to sign my name about 30 times.

Once that is done, we get in another line for the new drivers who are testing and wait again. 

Time passes slowly in the DMV.

We finally make our way to the counter and the girl takes our paperwork.  She says "You only filled out the log for the driving instruction, you didn't do the other side for the dates before he got his permit."  Me:  "Oh, okay let me do that."   Inside my head, I was not so civil.

I jot those down so fast and furious, again just making up stuff because I can assure you I have no idea when I went over Car Safety or Making Cautious Decisions with Harry back in March of 2011.

Surely we are almost done and can get on with the actual driving test....

I thought parallel parking was hard....filling out the paperwork and waiting was brutal!

Then she drops the bomb "You were supposed to arrive an hour before your appointment time to take care of all of this paperwork and now you have missed the opportunity for your son to drive.  He will not be able to test today.  You can either make another online appointment.  The next one is about 20 days out, or you can come any day for a first come first serve place in line.  Those folks generally start lining up at 6:30 in the morning and when we open at 7:30 we can give you an appointment time for that day.  They fill up fast, so plan accordingly."

I could have screamed.  

I won't even tell you about the look of devastation on Harry's face.  It was one for the record books. 

So today was an epic fail.  So dang aggravated.  I didn't know you had to be there an hour early or I would have been.  I love early.  Early is my favorite.  I thought 20 minutes early was great! 

I guess we will be camping out in the DMV parking lot tomorrow morning in hopes of securing an appointment.  Wish us luck, please! 

Hope your day has gotten off to a little better start than mine!


  1. Times like this make me glad we live in a small town! LL

  2. In our small town DMV they take pride in making everyone wait. I'm not sure they are even human as they never smile or look you in the eyes or eye for those poor folks that may only have one eye. Last time I was called up for my photo op, I had no smile left in my face. I had waited so long that I too became like a zombie and went through the motions. My drivers license photo looks more like a booking photo from the local police. As I left, I looked the zombie woman in the eyes and said with a scowl "have a blessed day". She didn't acknowledge. Next time I go, I am going to engage her in some good ole Southern conversation til she absolutely has to show emotion. I may even bring her a flower in advance to try to brighten her miserable day. Poor folks! Must be hell working at the DMV and getting paid well.