Saturday, April 14, 2012

Marked Another One Off The List

Several good things have happened already today!  First, the scale was so nice to me and it showed that I am down 20 pounds this morning!  It has been just seven short weeks and I am so happy with my progress.  Yea for 20! 

Also, this morning I tried my first Spin Class!  It was hard and I think I liked it.  I will let you know for sure once I get some feeling back in my lady parts area!  YOWSER!  I don't think my legs hurt nearly as much as the other sensitive areas.  Unfortunately I did forget to bring my gel seat cushion so that certainly didn't help with my seat situation.  The instructor, Lori, was awesome!  There were only three of us in the class and she was able to give us some good instruction and guidance.  My good friend Connie was one of the three so I was really just worried about embarrassing myself in front of one super fit chick named Holly.  She was awesome at spinning and was totally ripped!  I only screamed out "Good Lord, how long IS this dang song!!!" one time, so that wasn't too bad!  I think Spin songs are like six and a half minutes so that was an adjustment.  I sweated profusely.  All good.

I came home and got to mark #30 off of my 50 Things To Do Before I Am 50 list!   That makes sixteen I have done.  Only thirty-four more to go!

Also on the good list today...Harry cleaned his own bathroom like a pro and Chip took to vacuuming like I was paying  him.  He was under all the furniture, sucking up lost ping pong balls and spider webs, crawling all over the floor.  It was awesome! 

Much more to do today, but I just had to share while it was still fresh!  Hope your day has been awesome so far!

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