Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Parallel Parking and Other Good News!

Harry is driving us everywhere and all over the place these days!  In fact, Sunday we went on down to the DMV and let him practice the dreaded parallel parking.  Let's just say...it's a good thing we have some time to practice.  The parking area is set up with two yellow poles that look metal, but are actually some kind of foam.  The idea is that you have to parallel park your car between the poles.  When we pulled into the parking lot there were several others cars lined up to practice.  I guess when the place is closed on the weekends that everyone heads over there to give it a whirl.  We laughed and laughed at the poor sucker going before Harry.  Then Harry gave it a shot and it didn't go exactly as planned.  We pulled back around and got in line again and watched a couple of other up and coming drivers.  At Harry's next turn, Hubby jumped out and switched places with him to show him how it was done.  He clobbered the front pole.  Parallel parking is stupid.  Harry tried about 10 or 15 times and finally got that truck whipped into a spot.  He went around to try one final time and got completely jacked up.  We will be spending some significant time in the DMV parking lot next weekend I am sure.  Chip is calling Harry "PP" now for Parallel Parking.  It is not intended as a compliment and it is not taken as a compliment.  

The next thing we need to work on is direction.  Yikes! I think the kids in Harry's generation are constantly looking at their phones or other electronic devices and never actually looking out the dang window.  No matter how familiar the starting point or destination, that poor kid has no idea on earth how to get there or how to get back home.  It's like it is a new city for him.  I have a feeling I will be getting lots of calls once he is out on his own trying to find his way home.  

I am down 15 pounds this morning.  Woo Hoo!   It has been a little over five weeks since I started following the advice of Chad "Mr. Knowledge about the Human Body".  I am feeling great with the exception of my stupid right leg.  That little pulled muscle I had a few weeks ago reared its ugly head and it is hurting again.  Just going to have to work around it, I guess.

Chip is officially one of the few and the proud.....the "Safety Patrol".  The 4th graders have taken over safety patrol as the school year comes to a close to get some practice before they do it full time next year.  Chip's first Friday rotation will be on April 13th.  But in the meantime, he is getting such a kick out of pulling up at school and seeing his friends opening doors and waving cars through.  This morning we got his friend Tyler as our door opener.  I hear Chip say "Thanks Tyler" and they are both grinning like cats.  As the door shuts I hear Tyler yell down to the other fellows that are opening doors "Hey!  I got Chip!" It was so cute.

You remember our lizard?  Perhaps, you will also remember that we have to feed him live crickets.  We keep the crickets in a little critter keeper cage and since Christmas that has worked great.  This last batch of crickets I bought are Harry Potter crickets.  They are just walking right through the dang plastic case, I think.  Every single time I turn around there is another cricket on the floor.  I keep catching them and putting them back in.  I have turned that critter keeper over and over and over, looking for some way that they could be getting out and for the life of me I can't find any opening that would allow it.  Some how, some way, they are still managing to escape.  I almost feel like someone is playing a joke on me.  Very perplexing!

It is going to rain here today.  At least that is what the weathermen are predicting.  We need one good hard rain to knock the rest of the pollen out of the trees so it will stop covering every single surface outside.

Bob is going to be released from Physical Therapy soon because he has made great strides with his new knee.  He has to continue his exercises at home and is still in a bit of pain, but apparently that is going to continue for some time.

Lana has some kind of weird eye condition going on that is causing her a great deal of pain.  She is putting drops in her eye every hour on the hour and it does seem to be helping.  I got an email from the both of them about their conditions and it was titled something like "Your Parents Health Update".  I need them to both get well so they can come to Texas for a visit.  Time to paint something!

Bible Study yesterday was terrific!  If you have never done a Beth Moore Bible Study, you should really do one.  She is so easy to listen to and explains things in ways that really make sense.  I have so many "AHA" moments that I generally just sit there with my mouth hanging open and my head nodding up and down.  Yesterday she was talking about faith and how you have to believe, even when you are going through a fiery trial, most especially when you are going through a fiery trial.  She said there are only really three outcomes.

  • Scenario A - God delivers you from something.  You get to avoid trouble, tribulation, pain...whatever the hardship might be.  The tumor your doctor thought for sure would be malignant comes back benign!  The outcome:  Yea God! 
  • Scenario  B - God delivers you through something.  Maybe your tumor is malignant, but there is treatment.  So, you have to go through something hard, but He is there with you and on the other side of that trial you are going to be changed.  You are hopefully going to be changed for the better.  Stripped of more of what binds you, relieved of more of the silly, insignificant garbage we surround ourselves with.  Able to focus on the important things in life.  The outcome:  Yea God!  
  • Scenario C - God delivers you to something.  Maybe you don't get your cure, maybe you don't get better or well or survive, and honestly there is going to be some trial or hurdle that is going to be our last trial.  We are not living forever.  Even so, when it is your last trial...you get the best outcome of all!  Heaven!  Eternal Joy!  The outcome:  Yea God!  

Life is filled with trials and hard things because we are constantly growing, learning, changing, evolving.  Hopefully, into people that are more filled with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control.  Every trial or difficulty is a chance and an opportunity to be a better person.  I like that.  I think that makes hard things in life a little easier to face.  Not woe is me....but WOAH is me!  This trial may be hard, but regardless of the scenario I am going to have a Yea God moment when it is over.    

Well that is all for now!  Got to jump on a teleconference and get focused on my work.  I spent yesterday battling to just get one thing marked off of my work "TO DO" list and it was a miserable fail.  Not today!  Today I am going to be productive with a capital "P"!

I hope your day is fabulous!

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  1. Way to go!

    I thought parallel parking was stupid too until I had to park at a friend's Brownstone in Chicago. After circling 5 rows of Brownstones for about 15 minutes to find a big spot to parallel park, I finally realized I was going to have to park in a small, one car spot. I didn't think I would fit. But on my first try I made it. I got out of the car and literally was amazed at how close I was to the bumpers of both cars. I was in but had no idea how the others would get out. In the morning, I inspected my Honda for damages and found none. But those city folks park this way daily. Stack some boxes on your street and let him practice. Post photos please.. Good luck Harry.