Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekend Update

After our late night adventure with the Spurs the rest of the weekend was action packed as well.

Got a workout in...focused on arms with a little bit of legs thrown in.  I may have a new little tricep muscle popping up that I am enjoying very much.  I can flex it for you if you want me to.  No?  Okay, I will just flex it for myself.  I followed that up with a massage that was INSANE.  Felt great.  Main focus was to try and get some good blood headed to my sore leg.  It worked too!  Leg feels so much better.

I was down 16 pounds at my 6 week weigh-in!  Woo Hoo!  I snuck briefly down to 17, but that was just a quick flash in the pan that I expect to reappear in the next day or so!  It's a marathon.  A long marathon. A life long marathon.  That is long.  Not getting bogged down by the stupid scale if I can help it.

After that healthy start, I headed to the ballpark to watch Chip's game.  He played the undefeated Twins and sadly, they are still very undefeated.  Those boys could hit and pitch.  It was a tough game.

On the upside, the weather was spectacular!  So spectacular that after the game I took Chip swimming at our awesome neighbor Karen's pool.  Chip swam with his buddy Pootie for hours.  They had a ball.  I read a book by the side of the pool.  Also, an excellent way to spend the afternoon.

Then it was a grocery store run...place was packed like it was Thanksgiving.  Made cupcakes for Easter and a Raspberry Cheese Ball.  Ordered up pizza for the small herd of kiddos at my house, cleaned up my kitchen for the zillionth time and then collapsed into bed.


I have to download some Easter pictures from my camera, so I am going to wrap this one up and will post about Easter tomorrow!

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