Thursday, May 31, 2012

Top Ten Tidbits

So much has happened since we last chatted! 

1.  School is out for summer!  Woo Hoo!  Chip had a great end of year party!  He is the cutie patootie with his arms crossed and black face paint streaking down his face standing in the back row!

2.  No party for Harry.  He just got to take finals.  The last day of school in high school is not nearly as fun as elementary school!

3.  We went out of town to a great resort for the weekend.  Had a very relaxing couple of days.  Did lots of floating in the lazy river.  That is the life.  Played a little family bingo, horseshoes, basketball, big boys went kayaking.  The most fun of the whole weekend was a spontaneous family game of tether ball.  People we going down left and right, getting hit in parts that were not intended to be hit.  We had spectators laughing at our crazy antics.  It was a great memory!  Laughs galore.

4.  Chip had a baseball camp this week and Harry started college.  I have been so many miles on my car running them here, there and everywhere.

5.  I am down 30.5 pounds!  Go me!  "Mr. Knowledge About the Human Body" told me I had to cut back my calories a bit more to eat like a thinner person.  Apparently, you are what you eat!  So I am going to be a lean protein, vegetable eating fool!  I am ready for the challenge.  Ready to tighten down the reins a little!  Enjoying the progress so far and want to keep eating as clean and healthy as I can.

6.  Callie and George dropped in for about a 15 hour layover on their way from Alabama to Las Cruces, NM.  It was great to see them.   So blessed to have family that we genuinely love to pieces.

7.  I have had two super easy work weeks and it is time to batten down the hatches and get back in the swing of things. 

8.  Taking the May calendar down and putting the June calendar up....where has the year gone?

9.  Heading to the beach in 45 days!  CAN NOT WAIT!

10.  My backyard is a jungle.  My sweet neighbor Karen who also moonlights as my emergency pantry supply store said she would help me machete through it all.  She is a good friend.  A very good friend.  AND she has a mosquito fogger she is going to bring over to fog the backyard before we go back there.  Welcome summer!

Hope your summer has kicked off with a bang! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pictures on My Camera

I have been having issues downloading pictures from my camera lately.  Not sure what my technical glitch is, but today I was able to get them downloaded and just wanted to share some of the ones that made me laugh.

Here the boys are before they headed to the Toros basketball game.  You can see Hubby is trying to get Chip to act right for the picture.

Chip is not a good listener.

Here is our pet lizard, Bama, who was apparently freed for a short while when his cage was being cleaned.  He looks like he is enjoying himself.

Here he looks all giant and Jurassic Parkish!

The morning of Chip's birthday.

He didn't want a party...he wanted lots of presents.

The loot.

Hubby as Iron/Thor/Captain/Hulk America.

My sweet Chip enjoying his breakfast casserole for dinner!   He also had it for breakfast this morning!

I just got back from taking Astro to the vet for his semi-annual exam.  I was COVERED in hair by the time I got home.  He is such a spaz as soon as he walks into the vet.   Panting, drooling, shedding hair all over the place.  He has another fatty growth on his stomach to match the one on his neck.  So, now I can say he would be the perfect dog if he didn't shed and would quit growing fatty masses on his body.  They also said his back left leg knee cap seems to be sliding.  I have no idea what that means but they told me to keep an eye on it.  I will.  Not sure what I will be looking for, but I will definitely be looking.

I was down 29 pounds this morning.  Heading toward 30 at a snails pace, but happy it is still in a downward trend.  Feeling great.  Eating clean.  Trying some new recipes.  Some are yummy (Turkey Three Bean Chili) some that are not exactly yummy.....more like downright weird (Egg White Muffins).  No cravings.  Muscles are all feeling pretty good.  Did 335 crunches last time at the gym.  Did some new arm stuff this week and felt strong.  Getting healthy feels really good.

That is all.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Chip!

My little Chipster turned ten years old today.  I can't believe it.  I know, I know I was just whining about Harry being born five minutes ago, so that means Chip was born about thirty seconds ago.

How did this happen?

I don't know.  Seriously.

I put him in his crib one night in some sweet little footie pajamas with a teddy bear on the front and the next morning he was five foot tall and finishing up fourth grade.

We woke him up super early this morning so we could sing, dance, cavort and basically shower him with birthday wishes.
He got lots of Avengers gear for his birthday and he asked me this morning if I wanted to play with him and his toys after school.  I said "Of course!"  He hasn't asked me that in a long time.  It used to be that I was his all time favorite play partner.  I was every Storm Trooper and Jedi in the book.  We would run through this house making up story after story about being attacked by some alien or Star Wars bad guy. Good times.

He had a great day at school.  We had his favorite meal for dinner....breakfast casserole.  Then the entire family suited up in some kind of Avengers gear and there was an all out throw down.  I was hit in the face with a nerf bow and arrow (multiple times); Chip smashed me in the back with Thor's hammer while I was trying to work around Harry riding Hubby's back trying to give me a clear shot to impale him with Iron Man's receptor bullets.  I am not sure this is how the real Avengers take care of business.  There was laughing, screaming, a dog barking like a hyena.  Good times.

I love my sweet boy and I can't believe that he has been in my life and taken over my heart for ten years now. I am so blessed to be his Mom.

Happy Birthday Chip!  I hope you have many, many more wonderful birthdays!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Marvelous Monday

Today is the last Monday of 4th grade and 10th grade.  It is also Chip's Birthday Eve....the excitement is just buzzing around here!  He stayed outside till about 7:30 this evening hoping the UPS guy would pull up with a present for him.  He didn't.  Tomorrow the anticipation will be over and he will be 10.  My goodness.  

We had a nice weekend, not too busy which was a welcome change of pace.

I bought a new vacuum. It is an ORECK and it sucks.  Not in a bad way, but in a really, really good vacuummey way.  I am scared to check the bag.  I vacuumed the entire house today and that bag is going to be full and disgusting.  My other vacuum didn't suck, which in vacuum lingo is NOT a good thing.  I pitched it.  I also have an old Kenmore canister that is about 23 years old.  It still sucks, but the cord is loose and I have to be a contortionist to hold it in while vacuuming.  It is still good for hand vacuuming under furniture, but not so good on floors or carpets.

I think I hear Chip out in the garage shooting the airsoft gun.  He is not supposed to be shooting the airsoft gun.  If he is shooting at his brother he is going to be in big trouble.

I am down 28 pounds.  I have been holding here for about a week and it is starting to irritate me.  I am ready to move on down to the 30 pound range!  I have been at this clean eating thing for a little over 12 weeks.  I would have never believed how easy it is to eat healthy, but it is.  I went to book club last night and there were snacks galore.  I didn't have any.  Didn't want any.  Banana pudding?  No thanks.  I went to breakfast with my Bible Study group this morning.  Had some egg whites with spinach, mushrooms, fresh jalapenos - no cheese - no bread - no sides.  It was excellent.  Content, happy, not deprived.  It is the best.  I  do sometimes think I might accidentally put a Cheeto in my mouth....just without thinking.  That would make me mad.  So all is great on the health front. I am going in for my twice yearly blood work at the lab this Friday.  I am looking forward to seeing the improvements during my endocrinologist appointment on June 1st.

My proposal is done.  Complete.  Thank goodness.  I have had about six tough weeks working more than full time.  Today I worked about 30 minutes.  Yea!

Harry is in the throws of studying for finals.  The review packets are voluminous and lengthy and hard.  Surely he will be ready.  He starts college next week.  Seriously.  I mean for real.  He is taking a summer college class at 16 years old.  Isn't that stupid?  It is all the rage.  Everyone is doing it.

Chip is having a little Reading Restaurant special event at school tomorrow.  It involves cookies.  He is happy.  Wednesday, Chip has to dress up as Dwight Eisenhower to participate in the Living History Museum event.  I am sure he will be precious!  Thursday is 4th grade awards ceremony.  End of year party is on Friday...they are planning a Survivor themed party for the kids.  It will be a blast I am sure.  I'm tired already!

Summer is on the way!  Woo Hoo!

Hope you have had a terrific Monday!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Then and Now

Last night we attended a wonderful graduation party for Beth's son Kyle.  I just can't believe that he is graduating from high school.  I found a picture this morning of our four boys together in 2003.
Look how sweet...

And together last night. Oh my goodness. Where has the time gone?  I am so excited for Kyle and can't wait to see what wonderful things life has in store for him!  He is heading to Texas Tech in the fall!  Go Red Raiders!  Congratulations Kyle! 

Then in other "before and after...then and now" news...I FINALLY got the big fluorescent box in my ceiling replaced this week.  I went back to a picture of our kitchen when we first moved into this house eight years ago. 

YIKES!  That is busy and all kinds of 80's going on!  Makes me dizzy!

Over the years, I have painted cabinets, walls, popped out tiles, replaced counters, appliances, you name it!  All except for this albatross on the ceiling!  Finally it is gone! 

Now isn't that much better?  In addition to the pendant lights over the island, we had four new can lights put in the ceiling.  And they all have dimmer switches! 

I am so happy!  Now I just have to repaint the ceiling and patch up a few holes.  It is always something!  I don't mind.  I like a home improvement project and this one ought to be pretty easy! 

Hope your Saturday is terrific!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Memories

I don't ever want to forget the sweet homemade cards my boys gave me for Mother's Day this year so I am going to put them here for safe keeping.

My homemade Mother's Day card from Harry:

To: The most amazing woman I've ever encountered in my life
From:  A Harry kid who's driving scares the living **** out of her

The way you are is perfect.
You're wonderful, joyful and beautiful too.
This day is dedicated to you.

In thanks for feeding the lizard,
and still loving me even though I say
"git that gizzard!"

You are funny and smart,
yet you dislike it when I fart.

Your witty sense of humor makes me laugh all day.
You're pretty awesome, I must say.

You've raised me and taken care of me too.
And that is why Mother, I will always LOVE YOU.

My homemade Mother's Day book from Chip:

The Most Important Think About My Mom:

The most important thing about my mom is that she is the best cook ever.  You make delicious food.  You cook it to perfection.  You have a lot of delicious meals.  It's a wonderful collection.  But the most important thing about my mom is that she is the BEST COOK EVER!

The most important think about my mom is that she is funny.  You tell lots of funny jokes.  All the sentences you say have a funny little riddle.  An example of you being funny is your every day life.  But the most important thing about my mom is that she is FUNNY.

The most important thing about my mom is that she is fun to play with.  You love to go swimming with all of us and we love to have you there.  You love to play games.  They will last for hours.  You love to plan I Spy.  It is hard to beat you.  But the most important thing about my mom is that she is fun to play with.

The most important thing about my mom is that she is awesome.  You are super smart.  You are always funny.  You are the best cook ever.  But the most important thing about my mom is that she is AWESOME!!!

The most important thing about my mom is that she loves me.  Your love never fails.  And it never runs out on me.  Your love is the best love I could ever ask for.  But the most important thing about my mom is that she LOVES me!

So grateful for these boys who have no idea that SPAM fried rice is not a gourmet meal to brag about.  I sure love them.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Novel

I am giving myself twenty blogging demerits.  I am losing out.  So many memories I am not capturing in words and/or pictures.  It is a busy time, but I need to redouble my efforts to post a little more regularly.

Let's see....

The last ten days....

I am down 25.5 pounds.  I had to travel to Bama for work and during that time I gained two pounds.  I did not earn those two pounds.  I was a Diet Saint while I traveled.  Apparently, flying just jacks up your system and you retain water.  That seems to be the case because two days back and those two pounds are gone again.  I am inching into new territory in the weight loss journey and that is fun.

Speaking of flying.  On the last leg of my journey home, the quick flight from flight got delayed.  I had been sailing along, not particularly stressed about flying, just getting through it like I did it all the time.  The captain comes out to the ticket desk and picks up the microphone...."Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a maintenance crew working on the aircraft for our flight.  There are two problems.  One is just a minor problem with a flap that needed to be re-glued.  That has been taken care of already.  The other is a much more significant problem in that BOTH navigation systems have failed.  They are going over to the hanger to get some parts and will attempt to repair it.  We will be back in about 45 minutes to give you an update."   Hmmm.  Seriously, you just glue parts of an airplane together.  Are you using Gorilla Glue??  Alarming!  Not as alarming as navigation systems failing.  I don't want to get on this airplane.  Let's get a new one.  An hour and half later that is the conclusion they came to as well.  New plane.  New gate.  It took some time and I was a couple of hours later than scheduled.  I arrived alive though, so that is what is important.

The training class I attended in Bama was great.  I always want to do a better job after going through a great class with a great instructor.  Putting some new processes into my procedures.  Our company is going through a mock CPSR by some audit firm to get ready for our real CPSR by the Government.  A CPSR is an audit of our purchasing system.  Having an approved purchasing system is a beautiful things and allows us to operate rather autonomously without a ton of oversight by the Government.  It is important when you do lots of purchasing and subcontracting.  One of my files got called for the mock CPSR.  That always makes me sweat.  Wouldn't it suck if your file was the one that failed the company.  I actually think it is a pretty good file, so fingers crossed there are no gross errors or omissions.   

Roaming the halls of my company is always such a strange experience after being gone for so long.  I don't know alot of the people that I pass in the halls or in the elevator.  When I do see someone I know, it is always a big squeal of recognition, hugs and catching up.  Just a sweet reunion.  I saw some young twenty somethings in the elevator planning where they were going to go to lunch.  Took me right back to my early years and just made me so nostalgic.  We had a lot of fun working then.  We worked hard, but we laughed ALOT and it was more like family than work.  The good old days.

Speaking of family.  (Don't you just love these transitions!) I got to stay with my mom and dad while there on business.  That is by far the best part of having to go to Bama for training.  While there, I helped them pick out some new countertops for their kitchen.  I can't wait to see how they look.  We had dinner together at night.  They took great care of me.  On the last day, I packed up my suitcase and took it with me to work.  The class was scheduled to end at 1:00 and I had to leave to for the airport about 3:00.  Well after the class I had about four or five co-workers in my office just visiting and catching up.  Holding court, just like the good old days.  My big boss walks in with her cell phone in her hand and says "Your mom is in the lobby of the other building and needs to see you."  Whoops!  It was so funny!  Forty-five years old and my mom still is tracking me down.  Apparently, I had forgotten a little makeup bag and they were delivering it to me before my plane left.  You don't get that kind of service at just any Bed and Breakfast people!

The boys held down the fort just fine in my absence.  Better than fine actually.  They had a good time.

My proposal is driving nicely towards its due date.   That is a relief.   Although there will be another one on its heels I am sure.

I don't have a good transition into this last story I want to tell, so I will just say "Hey, let me tell you about my spin class this morning!"  It was the fourth spin class in my life history of spin classes.   The previous three classes it has been just me or me and my friend Connie.  It is hard to slack up when the instructor is just staring at you and ONLY you.  Today, Connie wasn't able to come and I thought I was going to be flying solo again.  I was thinking "Shoot".  Then, in walks this little tiny number with her racing shoes with clips.  The instructor starts asking her if she has ever done Spin and she says "Oh yea, I race mountain bikes."  Then I said a word that is one letter shorter than "Shoot" and uses a different vowel.  Dang, got Ms. Mountain Bike sitting next to me and I can just see the instructors pulse quicken...she is going to have to give this girl a great workout.  Then she looks at me and there couldn't be a bigger disparity.  It was almost hysterical, except I wasn't laughing.  I was sweating.  I mean I started sweating so profusely during the active warm up that I was damn near like a scene out of the movie "Airplane".  I mean...I was sweating profusely.  It was an hour long workout that I won't soon forget.  At one point, I said "Is it bad if I am asking Jesus to take me right now?"  The instructor laughed and said "Ask Him to give you some strength to make this giant climb."  Holy Moly.  I survived.  Whew.

Well, this has been a novel.  I guess that is what happens when you don't post for so long.  I will do better.  I will.

Good night!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Hi..I've missed you blog world.  My sincere apologies for my absence.  It is 9:10 at night and I was seriously considering going to the grocery store...need much....but instead I am going to sit here and write a while.  I think Bob and Lana miss hearing from me.

Let's see what is up with everyone around here....

Me:  My proposal is in high gear.  I am working a lot.  In fact, I had 48 hours on my time card last week.  I am part time people...I don't work 48 hours a week normally.  I think I will survive.  I am down 24 pounds.  Well, actually let me clarify a little something here because I always think it in my head.  I was down 13 pounds from my all time high before I started seeing Chad "Mr. Knowledge About The Human Body".  So really...I am down 37 pounds!  Woo Hoo!    I got my hair colored today.  Too much gray to just wish away, so my girl colored it for me.  It feels so much better.  I didn't have any business taking off work to get my hair colored, but I needed it.   My right front tire has a slow leak.  I must get it to the tire shop.  My car inspection was due at the end of March.  I haven't done it yet either.  Hair color is a priority over auto issues.  I have tons of laundry to do.  We have no food.  I guess I will go to the grocery store tomorrow. I finished my Bible Study this week.  It was so good.  I have to travel to Alabama next week for work.  I can't find anything to wear.  Can't wait to see my folks.  I am taking a Yoga class tomorrow.   First one ever.  I hope I am more bendy than I think I am.  Sadly, I damn near dislocated my shoulder this afternoon taking off my sports bra.  Might be good for me.  Either way, I will be marking another one off my list of 50 Things To Do Before I Am Fifty.  Go me.

Hubby:  He is busy at work too.  He is fighting a fever blister. I am not sure what else is going on with him, so I am going to let him write his own summary.  Take it away, Hubby: I'm still working....damn it! Well, that was anti-climatic.  Man of few words.  So, I will try again...he ran tonight.  His feet have been killing him.  I think he needs new shoes.  I don't think he thinks that is his problem.  He is staying up late...getting up early. One of our sprinkler heads is broken.  He tried to fix it.  It is still shooting a geyser in the front yard.  Hubby and the boys have season tickets to the local "D" league basketball team.  Well, those Toros went and won the championship this weekend.  Sadly, they were playing in LA, but that didn't stop the Hubs and kids from watching it on the computer or going to the celebration party Monday night to welcome the team home.  There are autographed basketballs all over my kitchen.  Hubby will be going to Ireland in a  few weeks for work.  That is far.

Harry:  Driving is going well.  I am starting to chill a little bit.  He got an Academic Award yesterday morning at school.  The sophomores all marched into the gym in alphabetical order and all the sudden I see Harry stepping out of line and dropping back about 10 or 12 people.  He was trying to sit by his boys.  And he did.  I assumed when they got in line to go up on the stage that he would go back to his assigned position.  He didn't.  I was disturbed....I was tossing and turning in my seat.  Completely uncomfortable like I was watching a train wreck about to happen.  Except, it wasn't a train.  It was my kid out of order!  Turns out that the faculty probably assumed kids would get out of their assigned line so they all had a card that the lady took right before they went on stage that had their name on it.  He is an "S", but went up at the tail end of the "T"s.  Geez...I can see already that this driving independence is making him a rebel.  Getting out of alphabetical order during academic awards, Harry....what's next?  I'm watching you kiddo!

Chip:  He is rocking the Safety Patrol duty.  He is turning 10 in a few days and has an epic birthday wish list.  He is struggling with shoes and socks...I think it is a texture thing or something.   Just can't get them to feel good on his feet.  The vein in my head damn near ruptures every morning when he puts them on and takes them off for the eighth time.   He actually put "Good Socks" on his birthday list.  I sure hope he gets them.  He is digging a massive hole in the front flower bed.  His buddy came over today and Chip showed him the hole.  He said "Did you tell your Mom you were going to do this?"  Chip says "Yeah."  Buddy says "My mom would kill me."  His class went on a field trip to see the "Chimpanzee" movie.  He said it was good.  I think so too!  How would I know?  Well, Chip gave me a screen by screen recap that very day.  It was detailed and long and detailed and long.  Yeah, I said that twice.   Baseball season is just about over.  Last regular season game this Saturday and then the End of Year Tournament.  That went fast.

That is all!  Heading to bed!  Good night!