Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Chip!

My little Chipster turned ten years old today.  I can't believe it.  I know, I know I was just whining about Harry being born five minutes ago, so that means Chip was born about thirty seconds ago.

How did this happen?

I don't know.  Seriously.

I put him in his crib one night in some sweet little footie pajamas with a teddy bear on the front and the next morning he was five foot tall and finishing up fourth grade.

We woke him up super early this morning so we could sing, dance, cavort and basically shower him with birthday wishes.
He got lots of Avengers gear for his birthday and he asked me this morning if I wanted to play with him and his toys after school.  I said "Of course!"  He hasn't asked me that in a long time.  It used to be that I was his all time favorite play partner.  I was every Storm Trooper and Jedi in the book.  We would run through this house making up story after story about being attacked by some alien or Star Wars bad guy. Good times.

He had a great day at school.  We had his favorite meal for dinner....breakfast casserole.  Then the entire family suited up in some kind of Avengers gear and there was an all out throw down.  I was hit in the face with a nerf bow and arrow (multiple times); Chip smashed me in the back with Thor's hammer while I was trying to work around Harry riding Hubby's back trying to give me a clear shot to impale him with Iron Man's receptor bullets.  I am not sure this is how the real Avengers take care of business.  There was laughing, screaming, a dog barking like a hyena.  Good times.

I love my sweet boy and I can't believe that he has been in my life and taken over my heart for ten years now. I am so blessed to be his Mom.

Happy Birthday Chip!  I hope you have many, many more wonderful birthdays!

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