Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Hi..I've missed you blog world.  My sincere apologies for my absence.  It is 9:10 at night and I was seriously considering going to the grocery store...need much....but instead I am going to sit here and write a while.  I think Bob and Lana miss hearing from me.

Let's see what is up with everyone around here....

Me:  My proposal is in high gear.  I am working a lot.  In fact, I had 48 hours on my time card last week.  I am part time people...I don't work 48 hours a week normally.  I think I will survive.  I am down 24 pounds.  Well, actually let me clarify a little something here because I always think it in my head.  I was down 13 pounds from my all time high before I started seeing Chad "Mr. Knowledge About The Human Body".  So really...I am down 37 pounds!  Woo Hoo!    I got my hair colored today.  Too much gray to just wish away, so my girl colored it for me.  It feels so much better.  I didn't have any business taking off work to get my hair colored, but I needed it.   My right front tire has a slow leak.  I must get it to the tire shop.  My car inspection was due at the end of March.  I haven't done it yet either.  Hair color is a priority over auto issues.  I have tons of laundry to do.  We have no food.  I guess I will go to the grocery store tomorrow. I finished my Bible Study this week.  It was so good.  I have to travel to Alabama next week for work.  I can't find anything to wear.  Can't wait to see my folks.  I am taking a Yoga class tomorrow.   First one ever.  I hope I am more bendy than I think I am.  Sadly, I damn near dislocated my shoulder this afternoon taking off my sports bra.  Might be good for me.  Either way, I will be marking another one off my list of 50 Things To Do Before I Am Fifty.  Go me.

Hubby:  He is busy at work too.  He is fighting a fever blister. I am not sure what else is going on with him, so I am going to let him write his own summary.  Take it away, Hubby: I'm still working....damn it! Well, that was anti-climatic.  Man of few words.  So, I will try again...he ran tonight.  His feet have been killing him.  I think he needs new shoes.  I don't think he thinks that is his problem.  He is staying up late...getting up early. One of our sprinkler heads is broken.  He tried to fix it.  It is still shooting a geyser in the front yard.  Hubby and the boys have season tickets to the local "D" league basketball team.  Well, those Toros went and won the championship this weekend.  Sadly, they were playing in LA, but that didn't stop the Hubs and kids from watching it on the computer or going to the celebration party Monday night to welcome the team home.  There are autographed basketballs all over my kitchen.  Hubby will be going to Ireland in a  few weeks for work.  That is far.

Harry:  Driving is going well.  I am starting to chill a little bit.  He got an Academic Award yesterday morning at school.  The sophomores all marched into the gym in alphabetical order and all the sudden I see Harry stepping out of line and dropping back about 10 or 12 people.  He was trying to sit by his boys.  And he did.  I assumed when they got in line to go up on the stage that he would go back to his assigned position.  He didn't.  I was disturbed....I was tossing and turning in my seat.  Completely uncomfortable like I was watching a train wreck about to happen.  Except, it wasn't a train.  It was my kid out of order!  Turns out that the faculty probably assumed kids would get out of their assigned line so they all had a card that the lady took right before they went on stage that had their name on it.  He is an "S", but went up at the tail end of the "T"s.  Geez...I can see already that this driving independence is making him a rebel.  Getting out of alphabetical order during academic awards, Harry....what's next?  I'm watching you kiddo!

Chip:  He is rocking the Safety Patrol duty.  He is turning 10 in a few days and has an epic birthday wish list.  He is struggling with shoes and socks...I think it is a texture thing or something.   Just can't get them to feel good on his feet.  The vein in my head damn near ruptures every morning when he puts them on and takes them off for the eighth time.   He actually put "Good Socks" on his birthday list.  I sure hope he gets them.  He is digging a massive hole in the front flower bed.  His buddy came over today and Chip showed him the hole.  He said "Did you tell your Mom you were going to do this?"  Chip says "Yeah."  Buddy says "My mom would kill me."  His class went on a field trip to see the "Chimpanzee" movie.  He said it was good.  I think so too!  How would I know?  Well, Chip gave me a screen by screen recap that very day.  It was detailed and long and detailed and long.  Yeah, I said that twice.   Baseball season is just about over.  Last regular season game this Saturday and then the End of Year Tournament.  That went fast.

That is all!  Heading to bed!  Good night!

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  1. Wow.... keep it up girly. So glad you have found a system that works. Tell Hubby to kiss the Blarney Stone for me.