Monday, May 21, 2012

Marvelous Monday

Today is the last Monday of 4th grade and 10th grade.  It is also Chip's Birthday Eve....the excitement is just buzzing around here!  He stayed outside till about 7:30 this evening hoping the UPS guy would pull up with a present for him.  He didn't.  Tomorrow the anticipation will be over and he will be 10.  My goodness.  

We had a nice weekend, not too busy which was a welcome change of pace.

I bought a new vacuum. It is an ORECK and it sucks.  Not in a bad way, but in a really, really good vacuummey way.  I am scared to check the bag.  I vacuumed the entire house today and that bag is going to be full and disgusting.  My other vacuum didn't suck, which in vacuum lingo is NOT a good thing.  I pitched it.  I also have an old Kenmore canister that is about 23 years old.  It still sucks, but the cord is loose and I have to be a contortionist to hold it in while vacuuming.  It is still good for hand vacuuming under furniture, but not so good on floors or carpets.

I think I hear Chip out in the garage shooting the airsoft gun.  He is not supposed to be shooting the airsoft gun.  If he is shooting at his brother he is going to be in big trouble.

I am down 28 pounds.  I have been holding here for about a week and it is starting to irritate me.  I am ready to move on down to the 30 pound range!  I have been at this clean eating thing for a little over 12 weeks.  I would have never believed how easy it is to eat healthy, but it is.  I went to book club last night and there were snacks galore.  I didn't have any.  Didn't want any.  Banana pudding?  No thanks.  I went to breakfast with my Bible Study group this morning.  Had some egg whites with spinach, mushrooms, fresh jalapenos - no cheese - no bread - no sides.  It was excellent.  Content, happy, not deprived.  It is the best.  I  do sometimes think I might accidentally put a Cheeto in my mouth....just without thinking.  That would make me mad.  So all is great on the health front. I am going in for my twice yearly blood work at the lab this Friday.  I am looking forward to seeing the improvements during my endocrinologist appointment on June 1st.

My proposal is done.  Complete.  Thank goodness.  I have had about six tough weeks working more than full time.  Today I worked about 30 minutes.  Yea!

Harry is in the throws of studying for finals.  The review packets are voluminous and lengthy and hard.  Surely he will be ready.  He starts college next week.  Seriously.  I mean for real.  He is taking a summer college class at 16 years old.  Isn't that stupid?  It is all the rage.  Everyone is doing it.

Chip is having a little Reading Restaurant special event at school tomorrow.  It involves cookies.  He is happy.  Wednesday, Chip has to dress up as Dwight Eisenhower to participate in the Living History Museum event.  I am sure he will be precious!  Thursday is 4th grade awards ceremony.  End of year party is on Friday...they are planning a Survivor themed party for the kids.  It will be a blast I am sure.  I'm tired already!

Summer is on the way!  Woo Hoo!

Hope you have had a terrific Monday!


  1. Hi Melissa! I saw that you got a new Oreck, and I'm so happy to hear you love it. :)

    If you ever need anything, stop by and let me know.

    Happy Monday!

  2. My best vac was and still is a Kirby. Paid a grand for it back in nineteen hundred and eighty. And they threw in a free set of steak knives....wooo wee.... I was gullible at 20 years old but that is only vac I have owned. That Kirby cleaned up after dogs, sandspurs, shag carpets and also picked up coins. Only had to replace 2 beater bars at 15 bucks a piece and the belts. The motor is still going strong. I don't have any carpets so it doesn't get much use.

    Proud of Harry and his early college and proud of CHipster as well. Hope he got his check.