Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pictures on My Camera

I have been having issues downloading pictures from my camera lately.  Not sure what my technical glitch is, but today I was able to get them downloaded and just wanted to share some of the ones that made me laugh.

Here the boys are before they headed to the Toros basketball game.  You can see Hubby is trying to get Chip to act right for the picture.

Chip is not a good listener.

Here is our pet lizard, Bama, who was apparently freed for a short while when his cage was being cleaned.  He looks like he is enjoying himself.

Here he looks all giant and Jurassic Parkish!

The morning of Chip's birthday.

He didn't want a party...he wanted lots of presents.

The loot.

Hubby as Iron/Thor/Captain/Hulk America.

My sweet Chip enjoying his breakfast casserole for dinner!   He also had it for breakfast this morning!

I just got back from taking Astro to the vet for his semi-annual exam.  I was COVERED in hair by the time I got home.  He is such a spaz as soon as he walks into the vet.   Panting, drooling, shedding hair all over the place.  He has another fatty growth on his stomach to match the one on his neck.  So, now I can say he would be the perfect dog if he didn't shed and would quit growing fatty masses on his body.  They also said his back left leg knee cap seems to be sliding.  I have no idea what that means but they told me to keep an eye on it.  I will.  Not sure what I will be looking for, but I will definitely be looking.

I was down 29 pounds this morning.  Heading toward 30 at a snails pace, but happy it is still in a downward trend.  Feeling great.  Eating clean.  Trying some new recipes.  Some are yummy (Turkey Three Bean Chili) some that are not exactly yummy.....more like downright weird (Egg White Muffins).  No cravings.  Muscles are all feeling pretty good.  Did 335 crunches last time at the gym.  Did some new arm stuff this week and felt strong.  Getting healthy feels really good.

That is all.

Have a great day!

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