Saturday, May 19, 2012

Then and Now

Last night we attended a wonderful graduation party for Beth's son Kyle.  I just can't believe that he is graduating from high school.  I found a picture this morning of our four boys together in 2003.
Look how sweet...

And together last night. Oh my goodness. Where has the time gone?  I am so excited for Kyle and can't wait to see what wonderful things life has in store for him!  He is heading to Texas Tech in the fall!  Go Red Raiders!  Congratulations Kyle! 

Then in other "before and after...then and now" news...I FINALLY got the big fluorescent box in my ceiling replaced this week.  I went back to a picture of our kitchen when we first moved into this house eight years ago. 

YIKES!  That is busy and all kinds of 80's going on!  Makes me dizzy!

Over the years, I have painted cabinets, walls, popped out tiles, replaced counters, appliances, you name it!  All except for this albatross on the ceiling!  Finally it is gone! 

Now isn't that much better?  In addition to the pendant lights over the island, we had four new can lights put in the ceiling.  And they all have dimmer switches! 

I am so happy!  Now I just have to repaint the ceiling and patch up a few holes.  It is always something!  I don't mind.  I like a home improvement project and this one ought to be pretty easy! 

Hope your Saturday is terrific!


  1. Looks marvelous darling. You do some decorating girlfriend!

  2. I agree with sailorgirl you do a wonderful job, I can't wait to see my counters. We know who is going to do them but we don't know when. Can hardly wait mer