Friday, June 15, 2012

Brace Face

Chip is now 48 hours into his braces and it is not going too bad.  His lips are swollen, destroyed and he has some nasty sores where the brackets are rubbing, but he is a trooper. A little motrin and some ice cream seem to be keeping the worst of the pain away!  I told him this morning that I have been amazed at how great he has done.  A couple more days and he will be through the worst of it! 

Here he is just before we walked into the dentist office.  It was a three hour appointment and he walked out with a mouth full of metal!  Blue and Red were his bracket color choices!

I think it will be amazing to see how quickly his teeth get in line!  He has always had a great smile, but it is really going to shine now! 

More pictures to come!

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