Friday, June 1, 2012

Doctor Visit

I went to the doctor today...not with dread...but with a bit of a skip and a hop in my step.  I had asked her at my appointment in December to give me a challenge.  What did I need to do to get off of some of the medication I was on?  She said "Lose 10 pounds."  I said "Let's make it 20."

When I walked in to her office today I was down 34 pounds since my visit in December!  Go Me!!!

All my numbers were great.  She said my blood work looked awesome.  Then she started quizzing me on how I had done it.  I told her about "Mr. Knowledge About The Human Body" and what he had me doing.  She was in enthusiastic agreement with everything I was doing and wanted a name, address, hours, location, etc... Said it was a perfect example of a healthy way to lose weight!

She dropped my cholesterol medicine, said I didn't need it.  She said I could stop taking the Metformin but I told her that Chad suggested I stay on it because it was supporting my weight loss.  She agreed but cut the dose in half.  I will always have to stay on my thyroid medication because I don't have a thyroid...but my numbers looked great.

Then she hugged me and said I was a success story!   I almost cried.

Trying to cut out a few calories today.  I miss them!

Had a delicious dinner tonight at Longhorn Steakhouse.  A fabulous grilled trout and steamed veggies.  Yummy and healthy and getting easier all the time!

I am so proud of myself.

Bring on the weekend!  We are going to the Houston Children's Museum, a Sports Memorabilia convention and an Astros game tomorrow!  Should be a fun filled day!

Happy Friday to you all!


  1. WAY TO GO!!! so proud of you. miss walking with you....maybe later next week.

  2. Absolutely, wonderful, spectacular news. Any time you can stop 2-3 medications is real proof of your body's new health. So....excited for you as you continue your epic journey to clean and healthy eating. Fuel for the body, not joy for the lips! Big hugs to the boys!