Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day - The Real One

Father's Day weekend was excellent around these parts!  The boys took up a new sport with their Dad!  Golfing! 

We all went out to the driving range to try out the sticks.

Dad pick up a large bucket of balls.

They posed for a picture for mom.  Please note that Harry is either tied with Dad or maybe just a smidgen taller.  That is so wrong. 

Dad gave some instruction to the young lads.  Harry was intense.  Listening carefully, taking six or eight practice swings.  Struggled with the first few balls, then started getting some distance on it.  His balls had a tendency to head left, but he had it straightened out by the time the bucket of balls were gone. 

Chipster was all ears.  Then he teed that ball up, hit it like a baseball and the thing went flying perfectly straight like it was on fire!  This kid is a natural at clobbering things with a stick.  He whacked about 20 balls and then a blister popped up on his hand, ripped off and he was done.  Must get him some golf gloves.

Dad took several shots himself.  Showed the boys how even someone who has been playing a while still struggles sometimes...then showed them that when everything goes perfectly it is a sight to behold.  He smashed some that I think had the potential to reach the apartment complex at the far end of the driving range. 

I think there are plans for them to hit the links sometime soon.  Chip just wants to drive the cart.  Should be a wild time!

Then we had to cool off a bit, so the Clampett's got into their bathing suits and headed over to Ms. Beth's house. 

What an inviting oasis in this Texas Heat! 

They even have a basketball goal.  There was family game that got pretty intense.  I made some incredible shots.  Not really.  But I did almost drown trying to wrestle a loose ball away from Harry.  That kid forgot I was a girl and that I was his mom and that I was in over my head.  I was on Hubby's team the first game and we pulled out a close game against the boys.  Then when things got switched up it was Harry and Me against Hubby and Chip.  They won, even though Harry was coaching me like no ones business.  Maybe it was payback for the near drowning!  It was lots of fun and very relaxing.

The boys then hit the Express game where they got to hang out in a suite.   Harry got hit in the head by a foul ball that ricocheted off the back wall of the suite.  Thankfully, his head was fine and he was thrilled with the foul ball. 

Good times!   It was a wonderful day for a wonderful Dad! 

Things were not so good in Alabama for Bob.  He and Lana had a rough weekend.  She got food poisoning on a quick trip to Tunica and threw up so much that she passed out in her hotel room.  Jeez!  The right side of her body is bruised where she hit the floor. While she was in Tunica, Bob was working on a bench project on Saturday, he tripped with a drill and a screwdriver in his hands, fell into the deck furniture and broke his rib!  What the heck!  Life Alert buttons for Christmas!  Put it on their wish lists! 

They are both feeling okay now, but the rib will take a while to heal. Need to wrap those two in bubble wrap!

Happy Father's Day to my Daddy and to my Hubby.  Two of the best guys I know. 

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