Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Father's Day...A Little Bit Early

We had a little early Father's Day celebration this Sunday.  As soon as Hubby left for his marathon workout session early in the morning, me and the boys sprung into action. 

We whipped up posters...

Wrapped presents...made cards...made a breakfast casserole....

Then we waited.

He exercises for  a long time. 

He finally came rolling in.

He saw the table and the boys grinning at him and was very confused. 

He said "It's not Father's Day today, is it?"

"No" we yelled in unison!

He's all "Huh?"

He may have also been slightly distracted by the giant hornet that flew up his pants and stung him on his bike ride.  OW!

Finally, we got him focused on the celebration at hand and he started reading his sweet cards and opening his present.

Then the music cranked up and we were all dancing and singing...I'm going to Miami, Miami, Miami.

You see, there are only five MLB teams that Hubby has not visited yet and one of them is the Miami Marlins.  The boys and I thought it would be a great Father's Day trip and then Hubby will only need four more to finally see all MLB teams.  

We needed to give it to Hubby a little early so he could clear his work calendar and help us find a hotel.  He has been to Miami before, so he has a much better idea of where we should stay.

Hubby was thrilled!  We all were.  Should be a fun trip!


  1. Very cool! You are the best wife ever. Miami is only like three hours away from me. ;o)

  2. We were watching Miami on the t.v. yesterday and that question came up "Has he been to the Miami field?" Today, you posted the answer!