Thursday, June 7, 2012

Houston Weekend

We had a lovely weekend away in Houston!  Me and Chip hit the Children's Museum and Hubby and Harry hit a Sports Convention on Saturday afternoon.  We reconvened in the afternoon for a late lunch and then an Astros baseball game. 

Here is Harry in sports memorabilia heaven.

Got an autograph from RG3! 

The Children's Museum in Houston was great!  They had a big outdoor Flow Works water area where the kids could control all these valves and dams.  Chip really enjoyed that.  Here you had to press on a pedal to fill up the big giant bucket.

Then it rewards you by crashing and splashing.  Nice relief in the Houston heat!  That is one of the hottest places on the planet, I am sure of it.

Building with giant puzzle pieces.

Connecting circuits.

Building models of atoms.

Vacuum sucking ping pong balls through a maze of tubes and tunnels.

And a display board of various kinds of poop.  That's fun and educational, right?

The boys went to the ballgame early to watch batting practice and hope for a foul ball.  Not this time.

Looking over the all-star ballot.  Picking and choosing their favorite guys.

Minute Maid park is just a beautiful stadium.  If you ever get the chance you should definitely go see it!  It is air conditioned!  That is a beautiful thing in Houston, TX.

The game was high hitting with the final score something like 11 - 9.  We got to see several homers.  The Astros shoot this cannon after an Astros home run that I always forget about.  Dang near wet my pants when that thing blasted off!  I was ready after that! 

The most interesting story was this young Reds guy on second base.  It was his first major league at bat....and with two guys on, he hit it off the top of the wall and bounced back onto the field.  There was some confusion as to where it hit and whether it was a homer or a double.  The umps all gathered and went into the dugout to watch the replay to make their final decision.  The original call was correct and it was not a homer, but what a thrill for this young man. Welcome to the major leagues!

Great time all around.

I have more pictures to post from the Spurs game the boys went to on Monday and the massive yard clean up undertaking that me and Karen worked on yesterday.  UGH!  Hard work, but major improvement.  She is coming back today.  The girl is tireless!  She puts me to shame! 

Harry has his first college exam today!  I think he is ready!

I got a new proposal to work on yesterday!  I am going to function as a Proposal Coordinator although I am still not real sure what that means.  Learn as I go!

My girl Martha's mom is waiting to have surgery on the duct in her pancreas.  She is having a very hard time keeping down food and liquid.  Say a prayer for Rita today that she can stay comfortable and healthy until they can get her scheduled for surgery!  Also say a prayer for Martha.  She is a rock, but even rocks can use a little support!

I am down 32 pounds!   Go me!   I have some great new recipes to share and will try to get them posted here sooner rather than later.  One is Crispy Chicken Bites and the other is Tangy Pumpkin Seed Salad! YUM! 

Today is my nephew Alexander's 10th Birthday!  Happy birthday to the biggest Pittsburgh Penguins fan on the planet!  Also, today is my Aunt Gail's Birthday!  Happy birthday Puppy Rescuer!  I hope today your gift is that you find a home for those sweet orphans! 

That is all for now...have to go stretch and warm up my pruning shears...Karen will be here momentarily!

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