Thursday, June 21, 2012

It Happened!

I stepped on the scale this afternoon and was down 50 pounds from my highest weight!  I was so happy.  Got a little teary eyed.  There is a lot of emotion involved with the healthy inside of this girl! 

Felt supremely great to reach that milestone! 

Now I am going to keep eating healthy and as clean as I can, exercising a little bit, taking care of myself and we will see where this body lands.  I have got some great momentum going now and I feel like my body is running on all cylinders. 

In other news.....
  • Harry is rocking along at his summer college course.  Four weeks down and two remaining. 
  • Chip got a new Lego Batman game and it is consuming his life.  Not in a healthy way.
  • No results yet on Chip's EEG.  Good thing he had the EEG before Lego Batman was released.
  • I went to the dermatologist for a checkup and there was nothing she wanted to cut off of me!  She did give me some cream to help restore/repair/rebuild the skin on my face.  She also gave me a coupon so the cream was free!  I really like her and her coupons.
  • Harry got to sit in the broadcast booth at the Express Game with the radio announcer.  He loved it and hopes to go back often and soon!  It was an honest to goodness look into what it takes to be a broadcaster and he was facsinated.  So was Hubby.
  • I tried baked Kale chips this week and they were pretty darn good!
  • I also tried Broccolini - it is basically thin broccoli.  Nice vegetable!
  • My friend Connie brought over two huge bags of clothes that she has shrunk out of.  I can't fit in them yet, but I am close.  Caused me to do an overhaul of my closet and it was cleansing, inspiring and exciting! Can't wait to wear some of those terrific clothes.  Thank you Connie!
  • "Mr. Knowledge" said I could have the weekend off of keeping my food journal.  I am so happy to have a break.  I was getting a little sloppy with it.
  • Mom and Dad got their new kitchen counters today.  I am waiting on pictures. Dad may already be into his Loritab for the evening and I may not get them till morning!
  • Dad's fractured rib is painful, but he is getting along.  And there is Loritab.
  • Lana hasn't passed out any more, so "Way to go, Lana!"
  • Where is my phone charger?  Why is it not where it belongs? 
That is it for tonight!  I am hitting the sack!  Hope your day was great and that Friday treats you well!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE WEIGHT LOSS!!!! You are so awesome!!!

  2. WOw, Wow, WOW, and WOW! I am down 40 lbs from my highest weight but Ritalin helped me drop the pounds. I am moving around more but only because the Ritalin gives me the energy. I am trying to eat healthy, adding more fruits, fresh vegetables, less meat, etc. Eating out is still a problem. I need to say no to fried catfish and hushpuppies. Keep up the hard work. So happy for you!