Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Morning

What a beautiful Saturday morning it is!  The sun is coming up, the coffee is brewed, the washer and dryer are humming along with the first loads of the day, I can hear Harry's noise machine from his room with beach birds squawking and waves crashing and if I close my eyes I can just imagine myself on a beach front balcony!  Ahhh, I just love a quiet Saturday morning.

It won't be quiet for long.

Hubby is heading out for a bike ride, I am heading to spin class in a bit and then we are going to pool crash at Ms. Beth's house.  They are going out of town for the weekend and are allowing the Clampett's to use their backyard oasis.  Chip cannot wait.  It will be good to distract Chip from his mouth pains.  It is getting better, but still hurting quite a bit.  When he is busy or distracted it helps.

I have got to use today to get organized for my upcoming Lakeside yard sale.  I have some wonderful donations piling up in the garage and I need to figure out what I have and what else I need.  Also need to start getting organized for our little trip to Miami.

I have had a great week of working out.  Walked 6 miles four days this week, spent some quality time on the elliptical machine and I worked out twice with "Mr. Knowledge".  It is paying off....I am down 35 pounds in 19 weeks.   Feeling great!   With the exception that my hips are really achy.  Mr. Knowledge says it is because with the fat leaving, my hip muscles are getting stressed in different places.  He says to keep doing what I am doing - but nothing more - until it eases up.  He said "Absolutely do not start running!"  No problem!

Chip is scheduled for an EEG on Monday to see how his little brain is functioning!  Hoping his brain activity is back to normal so he can get off of his seizure medicine.  Will keep you posted.

Harry will be studying for exam number two of his summer college class.  He is already done with three of the six weeks!  It is going fast.

A couple of days ago, Harry and his buddy RV were moping around trying to think of something to do.  They decided they wanted to go to the mall to look for an Office version of Monopoly.  We coordinated with RV's mom and dad to make sure it was okay with them for Harry to drive them to the mall.  I gave them back road directions that would take a little longer, but be a lot safer.  Told them to call or text when they got there.  Then I started praying for their safety.

My phone beeped at 5:18 and it says "We are here."  I am relieved.  At 5:32 my phone beeped again "We are leaving."  WHAT????  Fourteen minutes at the mall and that is it?

They arrived home a little bit later and I asked them what they did.  Apparently, they went in, walked both the top and bottom levels looking for the game, grabbed a pretzels and hit the road.  That has to be a mall record.  Even for boys!

I hope your weekend is going to be productive and relaxing!

Happy Saturday!

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