Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Week in Replay

Another weekend is wrapping up and I am trying to get excited about some work I need to do today.  I am not accustomed to doing work on the weekends.  I have finally gotten a couple of work projects though and I need to get fired up about them.

We have had a great week.  We watched lots of basketball and have enjoyed that....right up until the nasty Heat beat our Celtics last night.  Dumb Heat.  Go Thunder! 

I did a Spin class on Saturday with a new instructor named Cheryl.  She tried to kill me.  We were standing and climbing hills and never sitting and we never stopped climbing hills.  It was dang near like we were touring San Francisco.  Or maybe like Mt. Everest.  I like downhill.  Always have.  I was sweating like crazy.  Annnnddddd, I loved it.  I felt like I had really done something exceptional.  In fact, I told Cheryl after the class that she needed to hand out medals for people who successfully completed the class.  I totally rocked it with just some minor whining and complaining.   Can't wait to do it again.

We have gotten back into our summer pool routine, hitting the pool both Saturday and Sunday.  The water has felt great!

I am holding at about 32 pounds.  I have been down to 33, but it was just a quick visit.  Hoping to see that number again tomorrow!   Ever since Chad told me to eat a couple hundred calories less, I have been eating a hundred more calories than normal.  I have been exercising a little harder than normal.  Walked six miles one day and did some time on the elliptical machine at the YMCA.  Swam laps with Chip one day. It has been good.

We have been on a hunt for a Chocolate Wonka bar for Chip.  He watched both the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movies at school and wanted to try some Wonka Chocolate.  We have checked Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, 7-11, HEB, HEB Plus and today we drove downtown to the Big Top Candy Shop and have struck out EVERYWHERE!!!  They have lots of Wonka candy...but no chocolate.  If you have Wonka Chocolate bars where you live, let me know.  We are specifically looking for the Waterfall or Fantabulous Fudge bar!

The boys have had their friends over and created a new game called Hallway Baseball.  It involves a ping pong ball and lots of screaming, sliding, laughing and screaming.  I know I put screaming twice.  That is because there is ALOT of screaming.  There are some weird rules that I don't understand, but it has been something they have played for hours and it makes them sweaty.  Good times.

Harry thinks he did fine on his first college exam.  We shall see when the old test scores are handed back! he sure seemed to know his stuff when he was studying it.

We had a special early Father's Day celebration today, but I am going to give that its own separate post!  A little teaser for you!

My friend Martha's mom is having surgery on Tuesday this week.  Please say a prayer for her.

Chip is getting braces on Wednesday!  Prayers for him too!  The first couple days are not that fun!

That is all for now!  Hope your week has been wonderful! 

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