Monday, July 23, 2012

Beach Trip - Day Eight and Nine

Our final day at the beach was pretty low key.  It rained alot, which was perfect because it took lots of time to re-pack and find all of our belongings that were all over the house.  Never as fun leaving as it is arriving.

Our final Lanapalooza event was a picture frame with pictures of all of us taken during our week.

It turned out great and Mer loved it. 

We also gave her birthday cards from each of us.  Except Guk and Ms. Tennessee who did not follow instructions and did their card together.  I gave them a Lanapalooza demerit, but they didn't seem to care.  Bob also bucked the system and put in two cards. 

Wonder why I get called a Dictator? 

Anyway, they were all wonderful cards with wonderful words from wonderful folks who love Mer.  She got a little choked up and maybe shed a few tears. 

It was a perfect ending to a great celebration. Happy Birthday Mer! You are loved!

Then it was time to try to fit in go-carts at the track.  The heck with all the sentimental stuff, we haven't been to go-carts yet!

Guk and Ms. Tennessee took a big batch of kids up to the amusement park and let them ride.  That was the most quiet that house had been all week.

It was a wonderful vacation and passed by entirely too fast.  Our crew headed home early on Saturday along with the rest of the family.   It rained cats and dogs a lot of the way, which made it a little stressful and tense. 

We stopped in Houston for the night and went to see the Houston Dynamo, a professional soccer team.  Their stadium was really cool and we had great seats.

The Dynamo won 3 - 0 and provided some excellent entertainment for our layover in Houston.

So, that is it.  You survived the longest vacation photos ever!   I am thrilled to have all these great if someone would just finish the laundry for me! 

Quick note on the health front...I only gained one pound!  Woo Hoo!  Super proud and happy about that!  Did a 16 mile bike ride this morning and will be hitting the YMCA later tonight.  Burning off those extra calories!   I have a new goal set to reach before Thanksgiving!  Going to require some dedication and determination, but it is doable!

Have a great day!

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