Monday, July 23, 2012

Beach Trip - Day Five

Day five of our vacation was Lana's actual, real birthday!   We got up super early in the morning and whipped up a delicious breakfast casserole, home fries, fruit and coffee for the birthday girl!  We woke up all of her grand kids and in birth order had them deliver her breakfast in bed!  Toby carried the tray, Hasselhof the coffee, Harry the food (look how disgusted he is by the plate.  He could hardly look at it without gagging.  He is such a food weirdo!), Chuck had the fruit, Chip had the utensils, The Penguin carried some salsa and The Queen finished it off with a daisy!  They started singing Happy Birthday as they walked up the stairs.  It was super cute and a great way to start the day!

She did try to blow our surprise by coming downstairs a little early.  I quickly turned her around, smacked her on the butt and told her to go back to bed.

After a quick walk we gathered the younger kiddos and headed to the beach.  The water was great!

Then we found a shark.  A real one.  The people fishing on the beach next to us had apparently caught it earlier in the morning and threw it back.  He didn't survive.  He was already dead and easy to snag with the net.

Everyone wanted to pose with him.  Even people that were not related to us.

His skin felt like sandpaper.  It was cool to see him up close, but we did all wonder where his momma was!

Look how calm the water was compared to the days before.  It was like a lake out there.  Not good for boogie boarding, but great for seeing fish and shells and other fun ocean creatures.   Wait till you see what we caught on Day Six!

As part of the birthday girls celebration we headed to the docks to pick up some live crabs.  We all LOVE crabs.  Seriously.  LOVE THEM!  Especially the birthday girl.

They had some big ones, too!  We got 72 of those babies!

Piled them all in our container.  Ooohhhing and Aaahhing over them.

The kids love the crab tradition. 

While we were at the seafood place, the others were decorating the condo with all of the Tiki decorations. 

We got them home and the birthday girl got to work.  She is an expert and we were not willing to risk ruining the crabs by trying to steam them for her.  She was willing and happy to do the cooking! 

Hello Mr. Crab.

Tons of Old Bay and Salt on top of them.  Vinegar and Beer poured in the bottom of the pot. mouth is watering just looking at these pictures and typing these words.  YUM!!!!  My favorite food of all time.  Probably because I get it so rarely.  And it was relatively healthy!  And I didn't drink beer with crabs for the first time in 25 years.  That was weird! 

Then we dug in as platter after platter was steamed and laid out in front of us!  Even Harry ate crabs!  It was a first for him and I did go back through his shells and eat the meat he left behind, but I was super proud of him for digging in and giving it a try.  He liked the meat, but wasn't sure about all that gunk you had to go through to get to it. We all ate our fill, then picked the rest for crab cakes. 

After we stunk the house up good, we all needed some fresh air.  These guys headed over to the basketball court to clear out their sinuses and get their game on.  They came back sweaty as all get out and went and jumped in the pool.

The Nice One brought some coordinating outfits for her crew and we went down to the beach to take some family photos.  Here are some of my favorites.

The evening was calm and relaxing.  It was a fun day and I think the birthday girl had fun even though she had to cook! 

The week was passing by very quickly! 

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