Monday, July 23, 2012

Beach Trip - Day Six

Day six had tons of pictures and lots of activity!  The morning pictures started with Hubby's stroll on the beach at 6:00 a.m.  He got some great pictures that on the big screen almost look like oil paintings.

He came back to see the regulars on the porch.

Good morning Early Walker Man!   We all got dressed and did a quick three miles and then it was time to head to the beach.  It looked like some rain was rolling in so we were out there early.

And we caught another sea creature.  This one was alive!

It is a Skape...which looks alot like a sting ray.  Very cool and the kids got a real kick out of watching him swim away.  We caught another one later in the morning that was even bigger.

When the rain rolled in, we headed up to the house.  The plan for the day was to go into town and eat at Lamberts!  Home of the Throwed Rolls.  Don't miss it if you are ever in the Gulf Shores area.

Since everyone was dressed and clean it was a good time to snap some more family photos.

Here is my brother Guk's family.  His wife, Ms. Tennessee and The Penguin and Chuck.  They look like they live in California instead of Tennessee.

Mr. Squinty Eyes.

Now they are open.

Good looking family.

Me and Hubby!

Our crew.

Quit growing you two boys!  Right now!  I mean it!

Great picture of Chuck!  Look at those blue eyes!  He is going to be a lady killer.

Look at this stud!  Gazing off like he is in a JCPenney ad or something!  Work it, Chip!

There is a smile!  What a cutie!

The Magnificent Seven!

Two ways!

Mer and Grandpa.

Off to Lambert's in the pouring rain. We planned to arrive at 2:00 to avoid the crowds.

Didn't work.  Everyone else apparently had the same plan.  It was about a 50 minute wait, but with 15 people in your party I didn't think that was too bad.

These boys don't like waiting....but there are hot, fresh roll inside and they throw them at you.  From across the room!  Who wouldn't wait for that! 

Oh and it helped that they snuck across the street to eat a few hot Krispy Kreme donuts while we waited.  It kept their blood sugar up.

The Penguin and his momma.

The Nice One and her baby boy!  He is going to Columbia State Community College to play baseball in August.  Wasn't he just born?  Wasn't it just last year he was dragging around that clown doll?

We finally get seated and the rolls start flying. 

They are the best!  Put a little apple butter on them and it is like a dessert. 

I did not have any. That was hard.  The Nice One didn't either.  We were partners in our healthy eating.  It helped to have a friend who was also feeling deprived. 

The Nice One got a salad that was served in the most ginormous bread bowl ever.  She ate on that salad for three days.

Toby got a slab of ribs.  A whole slab.  The entire thing.  He also ate on that for a few days.

Harry got country fried ham.  He ate it all.  He loves meat.

Children....stand up!  Look at me striking a nice pose and they look like two drunks that staggered out of bar and slammed into me!  It is probably a carb coma...they would probably be able to stand up if they hadn't shoved in three gigantic yeast rolls before their lunch was served.  Nah, probably not.

Off to the Shark mall for airbrushed t-shirts.  Another beach tradition.

Back at the house, some of the folks were headed down to use the metal detector.

They only found bottle caps this time, but you just never know when you will find a treasure!

The Lanapalooza event of Day Six was a group picture in the matching tshirts we had made to commemorate the special occasion.  Not sure Lana loved have her 70th birthday paraded around on the beach, but it did make for a hysterical evening.  Not sure when I have laughed this hard.

The laughter stemmed from Hubby trying to get the self timer set on the camera.  It was an ordeal and the comments from the crowd were hysterically funny!  At one point we were all walking over to ask a nice family nearby if they would snap the picture for us...Hubby yells out...I got it working!  We screamed and started running back to get in our place before it failed. 

We didn't make it.  By the time we got back in our position the camera had clicked and Hubby couldn't figure out how he had made it work.  It was so dang funny.

Finally, we flagged down a nice lady and she snapped one with all 15 of us in the frame. 

Mission Accomplished.

Sorry Mer!  Next time we will read the manual so you aren't 71 before we get the picture.

Mer with the grand kids.

Mer and Grandpa with the grand kids.

The Core Unit. 

The all hell broke loose at the house when I made an announcement that I had a splinter in my foot.  These folks love splinters.  I am not sure I knew that about them.

I was slung into a bathroom, lights and flashlights were pulled out, tweezers with a magnifying glass were found and surgery commenced.

I had three of them holding my foot, my personal photographer of the surgery and poor Chip trying to take out whoever was making me scream!

The managed to remove the splinter, but not until I broke a rib laughing so hard.  The funny thing was that I was howling with laughter as was everyone else in the bathroom and none of our spouses even came to see what the ruckus was about.  Just five hyenas crammed into a tiny bathroom cracking up.  Nothing new to report here.  Happens all the time. 

Day six was fun, but the beach trip is winding down.  Only a few more days and then it is time to head home. 

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