Sunday, July 22, 2012

Beach Trip - Day Three and Four

We slept like rocks on our first night at the beach, but were up at dawn for coffee on the deck! 

We met out here every morning.  The beach house was actually a duplex with two full sides.  That means we had both coffee pots perking pretty early in the morning.

Our Lanapalooza event of the day was Puzzle Day!  Lana loves puzzles.  We gave her a puzzle portrait with her favorite seven people on earth...her grand kids.  We also outfitted her puzzle table with some of her favorite sweet treats:  Good and Plenty, Smarties and Licorice.  It was a 768 piece puzzle that we planned to work on all week.   She had it finished by 10:00 the next morning.  She isn't much for pacing herself. 

We had some ping pong going on in one condo!  We also managed to walk every morning we were at the beach.  It was done early and was actually fun!

After exercising, waking kids, feeding kids, slathering people with sunscreen, finding goggles, boogie boards, towels, nets, etc....we would head on down to the beach.

It was quite a crowd.  If I could only tell you how many times I counted seven heads.  It was A LOT!

The waves were really ripping in on the first morning.  The kids were thrilled.  The lifeguards (that would be the parents!) were not so thrilled.  It was a strong undertow and we were on high alert!

The kids battled the ocean for an hour or so and then were exhausted.  It was work to ride a wave in and fight your way back out.  I was so happy when we decided to head to the pool.

There was a ton of seaweed on the beach for some reason.  A storm or something brought it in I guess.  We recreated a picture we have from summers on the beach in Virginia with my grandma.  A little seaweed under each arm and between your legs and someone grab a camera!  Let's keep the family tradition going for another generation.  Hopefully, one day my kids will be at the beach with their kids and fondly think of me and shove seaweed in their pits and privates.   It makes me tear up just thinking about it.

It was lovely to jump in a big pool to rinse off the ocean salt!  We were a rowdy crowd as usual.

Here we are trying to compare who has the most tan legs.  The Nice One lost this one.  Totally came in last.  She is white.  I think young Hasselhoff won!

Here are the two oldest studs, Hasselhoff and Toby.  They are acting like they are drying off, but I think they were really trolling for chicks behind their sunglasses.

Hubby wasn't letting anyone dry off on his watch.  He had these two pose for a picture and promptly shoved them under when the camera clicked!

After a fun day in the sun and a yummy dinner the kids wanted to head over to the tennis court/basketball court.

The Penguin takes tennis lessons and plays in tournaments.  He is remarkably good.

His older brother Chuck also is a wiz at the tennis!  I am pretty sure he has trophies.  They were slamming, jamming, backhanding and generally handling that racket like they knew what they were doing.

The Queen...not so much.  She had only picked up a racket a couple of times before so it took her a while to warm up. 

Chip also required some warming up.   He really just treated the racket like a bat and hit the bejeez out of the ball.  Keeping it between the lines was not his primary concern.

This is the before picture.  We played and it was not good.  Hubby also enjoys smacking the ball aggressively and I am more of a "Can't we just volley?" kind of player.  

I just like to hit it back and forth, not kill myself running from one end of the court to the other.  Besides, you shouldn't play tennis in flip flops.  It is dangerous. 

Bob got out there with me and with his knee replacement and broken rib, he was the perfect volley partner.  Neither one of us wanted to move much.   We set a record hitting it to each other six times.  That doesn't seem that good, does it? 

That wrapped up our first full day at the beach. 

The next day dawned and we did it all over again.  Coffee on the porch.

Bodies all over the living room.

Except today, we decided to check out the exercise room for our daily exercise.

I was doing some chest or back something or another.  Don't you love how much I am learning with "Mr. Knowledge"?  I obviously need to pay better attention.

Bob was in race mode on the stationary bike.  He was a real threat to the other walkers on the treadmill.  Some of them stopped and walked out.  It is hard to compete with him.

I was watching Hubby's technique.  Seeing if he could lift more than me.  He could. 

The Nice One isn't very familiar with the gym equipment, so the boys were giving her some tips.  They were also trying to find her triceps.  Not sure what the verdict was on that one. 

My brother Guk was getting it on the elliptical.  He put in a solid 30 minutes and we had yet to do our walk.

It was hard core.

Not exactly Muscle Beach, but we were moving and it was good.

Our Lanapalooza event for this day was Manicures/Pedicures for the girls.  I didn't take my camera on this excursion but I should have!  We went to Steamers for lunch and got steamed shrimp.  There were also snow crab legs, scallops wrapped in bacon and other delicious things at our table. 

Then we headed to the salon and got some pampering.  The massage chair was sensational.  I had that thing going up, down and all around.  I was practically moaning out loud it felt so great!  The pedicure wasn't bad either.  I did wish that the little lady didn't have to pull out the big cheese grater for my feet.  I was looking all over to see if they used that on any one else.  No.  I was the only cheese grater material in the building.  There was a giant man just a few seats down from me.  I didn't see them use the cheese grater on him.  I should be embarrassed. 

While we were out getting rubbed, scrubbed, grated and painted the boys had their own fun.

The ocean was thankfully a little calmer, but still with some good waves.  Here is Bob, helping Chip catch a good one.

Chip and The Penguin riding it in.

Harry, Hasselhoff and Toby caught some good ones.


Chuck having a ball!

They look like surfers out there bobbing in the ocean.  Just looking for the next big wave.

Go Harry! 

The boys went to the Hangout for lunch and it was a cool place.

Four man ping pong!  What?  Put it on the family Christmas list.  We would be dangerous with this!

Grandpa and five of his grandsons.

We all met back up in the late afternoon and headed back down to the beach. 

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.  Everyone is heading in the right direction.

I love this picture.

More of this.

And this...

And me catching a little action.

Lana and Bob on the beach counting their blessings!

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