Tuesday, July 10, 2012


We did another major garage clean up and I didn't take any before and after pictures.

You are welcome.

It was good too!

I hate that you missed it. 

We purged.  We donated.  We trashed.  We reorganized.

I can roll my bike through there without hitting anything.  

And my bike has a parking spot. 


In other less exciting news....

We had quite a storm blow through here last night.  I was at the dry cleaners dropping off some shirts.  The sky was black behind me, but the sun was shining in front of me.  I got out, dropped off my shirts and then the bottom fell out.  I told Mary the Dry Cleaner lady that I was just going to sit tight for a few minutes under the cover.  She said "I think that is a smart idea".  And then it really got fun!  The wind blew and blew, the rain fell hard...going horizontal...then the hail started...then other people started trying to cram their cars under the dry cleaner's overhang.  It was something.  I texted my husband "Can you check the weather?"  His response...."It's raining."  Isn't that funny?  I didn't think so either.  On the way home I saw a big firework stand turned over and twisted, huge trees down and leaves completely covered our neighborhood streets.  The streets were solid green. Here is a picture my neighbor Karen took.  Isn't that something? 

We wanted rain. Boy did we get it. Hail blew through the doggie door 20 feet. Our deck is not green.

So today the boys have been on yard clean-up duty.  They have filled four big garbage cans with leaves, limbs and debris. They worked so nicely together.  I think their Dad promised them some cold hard cash.  They have earned it.

The funny thing....they walked into the house telling me they finally finished and a huge boom of thunder rattled outside.  They looked at each other like "Oh no!  What if all our work is wiped out!" 

Chip looked at me and said "Dad will still pay us, right?"

Let's hope!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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