Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Family Health Update

Seems like we have had a couple of medical issues crop up, so for Grandpa and Mer, here is an update on your Texas people.


We finally touched base with Chip's Neurologist.  Chip's EEG results still shows abnormal brain activity, so we are going to continue his brain blocker medication for another year.  I haven't had the heart to break it to him yet.  He is not going to be happy.  I am not sure why he hates taking that Keppra, but he does.


Harry had a well check last week to complete his mandatory school physical for the upcoming cross country season.  He passed with flying colors.  He had to pee in a cup while he was there and it turned up with a trace of blood in his urine.  He and Chip always have a trace of blood in their urine. Seems, my brother Guk also has a trace of blood in his urine. Squishy kidneys on my side of the family.  Basically, I have passed on squishy kidneys, rough elbows and god awful feet.  I think the feet thing may only have been passed to Chip.  Harry escaped the feet one somehow.  So anyway, the doctor thought it was worth at least doing an ultrasound to make sure there was nothing going on with Harry's kidneys.  I completely agreed.  So yesterday afternoon Harry guzzled 24 ounces of water 30 minutes before his appointment and then had an ultrasound of his bladder and kidneys.  Poor Harry was off his game yesterday after guzzling the water.  The technician asked him to verify his birthday and Harry gave him the wrong date.  Then he told him to lay on the bed facing up and Harry laid down on his stomach.  Told him to raise his right arm over his head and he raised his left arm.  He was a hot mess.  We laughed so hard when we walked out of there!  Hope to get the results from the ultrasound early next week. 

Harry also has had some recent issues with his tail bone hurting.  Sitting, standing up from sitting, laughing, all are causing him some discomfort.  My internet research says it is nothing to be alarmed about unless it doesn't go away in a couple weeks or so.  In the meantime, I guess I will be shopping for a donut for him to sit on.  I am going to blame this hereditary defect on his father.  His butt always hurts after sitting for extended periods of time.  It is always something.


Hubby has no current complaints....with the exception that his eyesight is going fast.  He is picking up my cheater readers all the time these days.  He looks particularly cute in the neon blue ones.  I think he has "Shop for manly glasses" on his list of things to do this weekend.  


I am down 53.5 pounds from my highest.  I have lost 40.5 pounds in four months with "Mr. Knowledge About the Human Body".  Who would have ever thought it was possible.  

I did have a run in with a watermelon that derailed me this past weekend. The problem was that over three days I ate the entire watermelon.  Turns out that watermelon is one of the highest glycemic fruits you can eat.  That spiked my insulin, which turned back on my Hypothalamus which made me start having cravings.  I am so mad.  I knew I shouldn't be eating two cups of watermelon at a sitting, but oh my goodness, it was so sweet and delicious.  I totally convinced myself since it was fruit it couldn't be that bad.  I think not eating sugar for so long has ramped up how sweet watermelon tastes to me.  It was the perfect watermelon too!  So now, I am in a funk because I am back to craving sweets and carbs.  I confessed to "Mr. Knowledge" yesterday and he said "You didn't think you were going to get through this entire weight loss journey without screwing up, did you?  At least you didn't derail with a 4,000 calorie Mexican meal."   He told me I would have to detox a bit again, but it wouldn't take me as long to get back in the zone.  He said to really ramp up the protein and fat (chicken, egg whites, bacon, avocado, etc.) to keep myself satisfied while my body adjusts again.   I did that yesterday and already feel the cravings easing up.

I have been a biking fool....went twenty miles with Hubby on Saturday!  And I didn't die!  So me and my friend Karen went 14 miles on Monday and 16.5 miles this morning.  It felt great and is a new and different exercise for my stupid right leg that is still bothering me.

So there it is...the family health update! 

We are heading downtown to watch the fireworks show tonight with friends!  Hope your Independence Day is filled with blessing, family and fun! 

God Bless America!

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  1. YEAH! You go girl! What a fantastic job you have done. I can't imagine going without watermelon and other such delights, but once you get to the point where you are satisfied with your weight, body, etc. I think you have to add some things in small amounts back into your diet. There are so many good vitamins and real antioxidants you would miss. Everything in moderation, but processed foods and high glycemic carbohydrates are and will be forever bad choices for anyone who has weight problems. Good luck on your journey and keep up the good work.