Sunday, July 1, 2012


Miami was a blast.  Why it has taken me so long to post these pictures, I have no idea!  Well, I do kind of have an idea.  I downloaded the pictures on my laptop computer that I rarely get to see because Chip has kind of requisitioned it for his own computing needs.   I tried to blog about our trip last week, but would log onto to my desktop and get frustrated cause the pictures weren't on it.  I had other important things to blog about too, but was determined to cover Miami before moving on to other topics.

Anyway, let's blame Chip.  He gets blamed for all kinds of things around here anyway!  

Who forgot to flush?   Chip! 
Who left the TV on?  Chip! 
Who didn't shut the refrigerator?  Chip! 
Why haven't you posted?  It's Chip's fault! 

So regardless of who is to blame, we jetted out of town last Friday to head to South Beach! 

Baseball game on Friday night was a throw down between the Blue Jays and the Marlins.  The boys were in their gear, ready to hit the ground running. 

Cute picture on the airport tram.

Then someone put someone in a headlock.

Then someone returned the favor. 

Then all *&)% broke out. 

We picked up our rental car.  The boys were complaining.....we can't cruise South Beach in a Mazda?   But apparently we could.  And we did. 

We checked into the Residence Inn. 

It was the perfect set up for us!  Two rooms.  One with a pull out couch and a separate TV.

And another room with the double beds and another TV.  This means mom can go to sleep at a reasonable hour and not make the men and boys turn off ESPN. It also means mom can get up at the crack of dawn and make her coffee while the men and boys sleep in a little.   Mom can also watch HGTV or the FOOD Network instead of constant ESPN.

It is the only way to travel with an early to bed and early to rise mom. 

Once we checked out the room, we headed to the game.  IN A MONSOON!!! 

The rain let up a bit when we arrived at the stadium.  Thank goodness.  It was a spectacular building from the outside.  All glass and modern and spaceship looking.

Inside it was nice, too.

Of course, we were there early enough for batting practice. 

And to stand in line for an autograph from a local Marlin.  No idea what his name was, but I don't think he was super famous or anything.

We toured around the stadium.

Visited the Bobblehead Museum.  It shakes all the time so the heads are always moving and bobbing.  Kinda interesting. 

Then the game kicked off and it was a one-sided game with the Blue Jays winning something like 12 - 4.  We did see a dinger by the home town Marlins, which sets off this dolphin leaping, waterfall gushing pinball lights and bells and whistles thing in center field.  It was exciting. 

After the game we headed down to South Beach, but it was kinda rainy so not a whole lot hopping down there.   Or at least what I could tell in the dark, in the car....possibly a whole lot happening inside some of those clubs.  There was certainly some celebrating to be had for the big Miami Heat championship win. 

But we aren't clubbing least not with two children in tow.  And I didn't have any eight inch stiletto heels to wear so I really would have stuck out like a sore thumb.  Not to mention my hair.  I mean my hair was a disaster!  Rainy, humid Miami and my bushy, thick, weirdly curly hair did not get along.  There is not enough hair product in the world that could tame my hair.  So we took my flip flop wearing, wacked out hair on back to the Residence Inn.  Where mom promptly took advantage of the separate room and crashed.  

The next day, guess what we did? We saw another ball game!  Same teams, same stadium but now in the daytime.  We are wild and dangerous.  

It felt like we were just here. 

Oh, we were just here. 

Harry posing in the outfield.

Seventh inning stretch.  We stayed every minute of both games.  No leaving early for us.   Good thing cause we got to see a grand slam in the top of the ninth!  The Blue Jays won easily again. 

Outside of the stadium they have the letters from the old Orange Bowl planted outside the stadium like they fell from great heights.  It was kind of some cool art. 

Chip and Harry.

Then we headed back to the beach.  I wanted to actually see the ocean.  

A Saturday afternoon at South Beach....we saw all kinds of cool cars.  Massaratis, Lamborginis, Rolls Royce, Ferraris.....we were chasing them all. 

Then we saw a man in a thong.  It was not good.  But we did laugh.  Oh yes we laughed.  Also Speedos out the wazoo!  This is most definitely not the Redneck Riviera where we are accustomed to visiting.  Bubbas don't wear Speedos to the beach....sometimes they wear their jeans or cutoffs or WalMart bathing suits, but they most definitely don't wear thongs or Speedos.  That is a good thing.

It was kinda overcast and dreary so the beach wasn't that busy.  Aren't these life guard stands cool?

Oh my heavens, then the man in the thong rolled onto his back.  There is just nothing good about this.  Nothing good at all.  Why did I have to enlarge the photo for you?  I don't know, I just had to.

After this pleasant afternoon we headed to Outback to grab some dinner.  It was a great meal.  

On Sunday, we didn't have any firm plans but it was still rainy and yucky so we decided to head over to Sawgrass Mills....the 6th largest mall in the U.S.

Before we even got out of the flooded parking lot we saw something moving in the water.  I thought for sure it was a snake.

Turns out it was a fish.  Swimming in the parking lot.  Poor fishy had beached himself. 

Hubby and Harry rescued him.  Shoved him with a stick till he was in the deepest part of the parking lot. 

Then they got back in the car and Harry started waxing on and on about how the fish was never going to make it. 

Hubby says "Well then lets save it".   Clapping and joy from the backseat.  Mom just shakes her head.  

They drive around the corner to a Walgreens so they can go in and get some parking lot fish catching supplies?  What do you get?  A fishing pole?  A net?

Would you believe a bucket and a frisbee?  


Back to the flooded parking lot to save fishy!  Except fishy is gone!  Vanished!  They searched and called for him....walked all over that parking lot!  No dice.  The only possible place he could have gone was down a sewer drain that was in the middle of the parking lot.  

It was a nice try, guys!  

Sawgrass Mills was HUGE!  We walked from one end of that place to the other.  Enormous....

The finds of the day.....a batman Lego set at the Lego store.

And FINALLY two Wonka chocolate bars for Chip!  We have scoured the country for these bad boys with zero luck.  Then on a whim we walked into this terrific little candy store at the mall and hit pay dirt.  

Chip was the big winner with Legos and his coveted chocolate bards....Harry only got a pretzel.  There was much discussion about this disparity for the remainder of the trip!  

Thankfully we wrapped up our trip shortly after and flew back home on Monday.  That dad gum Tropical Storm Debby tried to ruin our weekend with all the rain, but we managed to have a great time despite the weather. 

Hope to get back to some regular blogging this week!  


  1. Sorry Debby rained out a lot of your weekend but it looks like you still made the best of you guys always do. Thankfully we don't get many thong/speedo wearing freaks at our beach. Ick!

    1. Well Liz...what do you wear to the beach? I do hope it is broad shorts as I am sure your answer will expose your hypocrisy. And i feel sorry for this guy's son...raised to think
      mens bodies is something to be ashamed of. Then again Americans circumcised their sons. This attitude is now so ingrained and second nature that I am sure the both of you will try to rationalize and justify your attitude. Just 30 years ago, this was not a big deal...I guess Americans just get dumber.