Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ten Random Tidbits

1.  I really enjoy the Olympics.  They were on the TV all day yesterday.  We watched a little volleyball, cycling, swimming and some table tennis.  Do I even need to tell you what that stirred up around here???  Ping pong paddles are back out and some challenges are being thrown down.  Chip was on an awesome streak yesterday and beat us all soundly.  Harry was frustrated in such a dramatic fashion that we have missed around here.  Good for some laughs.

2.  I am down another couple pounds for a total of 59.  One more pound to get to a nice round 60.  That just rocks.

3.  On August 6th I am going to start an eating plan where you eat the same exact thing for 14 days in a row.  That will be a challenge, but I am fired up for it!  If Mr. Knowledge About the Human Body tells me to do it, I just do it.

4.  Why does edging with a weed eater have to be so hard.? Why does the string break so quickly.  Why can't they make something better?  Why ask why?

5.  Yesterday I spent about eight hours cleaning my house.  It was glorious.  It reminded me of my young married days, before kids, when I was so excited to have a house.  It did every bit of laundry and even put it away.  Shocker.  I have three empty laundry baskets in my closet.  Seems excessive to have three, but usually they are filled with clothes in some state of cleanliness or the other.  I vacuumed, dusted, swept, mopped, straightened closets, scoured bathrooms, dusted light fixtures, changed sheets, wiped down cabinets, mirrors, even some baseboards.  I usually do a little something different every day, but it was so nice to get it all done in one day and fall into bed with a clean house.  Now what am I going to do today??

6.  I must find Ezekiel sister brought them to the beach and they were awesome.  Don't have them at my grocery store so it probably means a trip to Whole Foods. 

7.  Harry backed into a pole leaving Pizza Hut.  It scraped his bumper and he was distraught.  It scraped his bumper, didn't dent it, didn't damage it....just a scrape.  I didn't think it was a biggie, but him and his Daddy are on the search for something to buff it out.  I say "Bumper are on cars so you can bump into stuff.  Let it go." 

8.  Harry has been training to get in running shape for the Cross Country season that starts in a few weeks.  He ran a 6:50 mile on Friday. That is his fastest.  He was very happy.  Of course, that is turtle speed in the cross country world, but it is way faster than anyone in this house can run!  Once he starts training with the team I bet he will shave even more time off.  So proud of him for working at it.

9.  I have to get my driver's license renewed next week.  I am dreading it.

10.  I ran to the store yesterday to get some SPAM to make my boys fried rice.  I have said before on this blog that when I buy it, it try to bury it in my grocery cart.  Don't want anyone to know I buy it, much less that I feed it to my kids and it is their favorite meal ever.  So I am checking out and the cashier scans the SPAM and says "I love SPAM."  WHAT?  I told him that, outside of my immediate family, I had never heard those words come out of someones mouth.  He pulled out a set of keys from his pocket and he had a SPAM key chain.  He said "I have even been to the SPAM Hall of Fame."  I laughed and told him whenever I buy SPAM I am going to try to go through his line. He understands the lure of the SPAM!

Have a great Sunday!


  1. So proud and happy for your continued success with your fitness plan. Keep up the hard work.

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say. When I had the puppies, I had purchased a 32 pound bag of puppy chow. I could barely lift it. Now imagine lifting or carrying two of those bags on your back. Can't begin to imagine what it must feel like loosing 60 pounds. I am still down 40 pounds but my activity level has decreased since I don't have to care for two active pups anymore. Once, I have recovered and caught up on my rest. I will get active again soon.