Thursday, August 2, 2012

Milestones and Limits

Yesterday, I hit a major milestone!  I have lost 60 pounds!  Woo Hoo!  You could not smack the smile off my face!  So excited, happy and blessed! 
Although it is difficult to go back and look at "Before" pictures, I thought I would put up a "Before" and a "During" photo.  You see how I combined them on one picture.  I know you can still see the gray frame around them and that they aren't the same size but I honestly thought getting them side by side was nothing short of a miracle.  Sixty pounds gone.  I am still a work in progress, but I feel great about how far I have come.  Trying to enjoy the journey and celebrate as I watch the pounds come off. 

Jumping to a completely different subject.  I know, that never happens around here, does it?

Yesterday, something happened that really made me question my parenting.  Is it good or is it really bad???

After sitting down to dinner with the boys the following conversation ensued:

Harry:   Mom, I have a proposition for you.  Chip you will want to pay attention to this.
Mom:    What's up?
Harry:   I think Chip and I are spending too much time playing video games and I suggest we get rid of one of our gaming systems and put a shared system at a neutral location like the guest room. 
Chip:     WHAT???
Harry:   Chip, there is so much more to life than playing our video games and since we can't seem to police ourselves I think we should just take away a system and share one.
Chip:    Do you not remember how much we used to argue about who could play what?
Harry:  I do remember, but I think we are past that now.  
Chip:   I am not sure.
Harry:  I am sure.  We need to get out.  Do things.  See things.  Stay in shape.  Play.  

You can see at this point that I haven't said a thing except "What's Up?"  Then I jump in with this brilliance:

Mom:   I don't think you have to do anything extreme like get rid of a system, why don't you just agree to turn them off.   Like not play during the week, only on the weekends. 
Harry:  Okay, I think that would be reasonable.
Chip:   Let's sign a contract.
Harry:  No, we don't need to sign a stupid contract.
Chip:   Contracts are not stupid.
Harry:  Fine.

Chip writes up their agreement on an index card and they both sign.  

So I am sitting there as an innocent bystander as these two set some strict video game guidelines for themselves.   Good parenting/bad parenting debate starts in my head.

They must be playing way too many video games if in a matter of five minutes they can draw up a contract agreeing to limit their time so severely.  Bad parenting?

Recognizing there is so much more to life and doing something about it.  Good parenting?

Suggesting they keep the damn console that is the cause of the dissatisfaction.  Bad parenting?

Raising kids that can have a little debate, conversation AND draw up legally binding documents.  Good parenting? 

Chip of course asked me first thing this morning if the contract was for the school year or also for the summer.  I just shrugged and said "I don't know, it was your contract."  He said "Can we change the contract to maybe play one hour a day?"  Don't ask me.  

You can see that I am very involved in their upbringing!  

Should be fun to see how this plays out!  They could spend as much time debating and revising their contract as they did playing video games! 

Hope your Thursday is awesome! 


  1. So, so glad I never had children. I would be a guilt ridden nut case. I think you have done a wonderful job parenting. You and hubby have done a splendid job. They sound like two very well adjusted, loving boys.

  2. Oh! Forgot, you are beautiful and always have been.