Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Top Ten "Catch Up" Tidbits

Hello Blog World!  Thank you Liz for checking on me to see if in fact I had fallen off the face of the earth.

I have not. 

But I have been a busy girl and blogging has taken a back seat!  Let's turn this thing around and see if we can't do a little Top Ten Catch Up Tidbits speed round to get you caught up on the goings on around here!

1.  Hubby had a birthday!  I had pulled together a bunch of pictures of him and was going to do a Birthday post to celebrate all that is wonderful about him, but nine days late just seems anti-climatic.  Let me just post one of my favorite photos of my favorite fella doing his favorite thing....making our boys laugh

I won't even guess what transpired to bring out this kind of laughter.

2.  I flew to Bama for a quick work trip.  Quick was the main word in that sentence.  I found out on Monday afternoon that they would like me to come into the office and on Wednesday morning I was on a plane headed that way. It was a great trip for being thrown together so quickly. Got lots done, but yowser there is a laundry list a mile long of all that needs to be done.

3.  As is normal, I stay with my parents when I am in Bama for work.  This time however my Mom was on a thirty day cross country adventure seeing all kinds of fabulous parts of our fine United States.  So that means it was just me and my Dad.  That never happens.  Me and Bob had a great visit.  We walked in the morning, had dinner at night and just yacked and visited till the wee hours of the morning.  I did also get to see Callie and George and Judy and Mack, but Bob and I both really enjoyed our one on one time. 

4.  I was able to fit into some new and fabulous clothes for my business trip. Some that my girl Connie had given me and one little lovely dress that I bought the day before I left.  When I tried on the size dress I thought I wore, the sales lady said "That is way too big, you need a smaller size."  I got all teary eyed in the dressing room. It was a great moment!  Here is a picture of my Casual Friday wear! 

5.  Back to School night is just around the corner.  Chip is supposed to get a call from his teacher tomorrow and then we are heading up to school tomorrow night to pick up school supplies.  I love summer, but I am ready for a schedule.  I love me some routine!

6.  I am up to walking 6 miles a day and we are kicking it with a nice 15 minute per mile pace.  That is fast! 

7.  Speaking of fast...Harry has been doing cross country practice in the mornings.  His first day he ran a 5K in 24:39 and just about six days later they timed them again and he ran it in 21:09.  Already a huge improvement over his times from last year.  Way to go Hars!  First meet is August 31st.  I can't wait!

8.  Baseball is cranking back up for Chip!  Last night was their first semi-practice and it turned into a nice long dinner on the patio of a restaurant with some of our baseball families.  We laughed so hard.  Remind me to tell you about the 95 year old Japanese Ninja that BJ met.  Hysterical!

9.  I finished my 14 days of eating the same thing.  It was awful.  I finally stopped being hungry and grouchy, but I never did lose any weight. Mr. Knowledge said that was great!  What?  Something about regulating my insulin and getting the little PacMan cells built back up to do their job, and losing a little muscle mass so I can get smaller....I don't know it was a lot to comprehend.  Here is the good news though.  Even though I didn't lose weight, I feel certain I have lost some inches.  Everything is looser and for me that is just enough!  I am still super motivated and really think I am going to have another big drop in a day or two.  Still eating clean and making great choices.  I am hovering at about a 61 pound weight loss.

10.  Lots of kids I know are heading to college for the first time!  Good luck to Wes, Kyle, Jordan, and Emily!  I hope you have the time of your life....but remember to call your mothers!!

That is all I have for now!  Heading to Book Club!  Have a terrific day!     


  1. Thank you Liz for checking on Melissa!! Ten days is waaaaaay too long between between blogs. I check daily like all of her followers, but she doesn't know it. LLL

  2. I got tired of seeing that waffle blog! LoL! Welcome back. You're skinny!!!! :o)

  3. She is skinny! Her outside is fabulous, but it doesn't compare to her inside! And yes, my boy should call his mother. :)