Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

It is Sunday afternoon and I can hardly believe it is time to face Monday AGAIN!  How does it keep coming around so quickly! 

Our weekend has been great!  Got Hubby home from his whirlwind trip circling the globe.  I mean, he literally circled the globe in the span of eight days.  He left Texas and headed east to London, then further east to India.  A few days later, he left India and headed east to Singapore and on to Malaysia.  Then a few days later he returned home going through Hong Kong, Los Angeles and finally landing safely back in Texas.  He left last Friday and got home on Saturday evening.  Lots of miles in such a few short days.... but lots of interesting stories.

In India, he was presented with a traditional turban and shawl that he had to put on in front of a crowd of people.  He gave us a little show when he got home and let me tell you, it takes someone pretty awesome to pull off a turban.  Not a great look.  Got some good laughs out of that one!  He took on a country full of curry this and curry that and managed to survive.  He is not the world's most adventurous eater, in fact he is probably one of the most boring eaters in the world.  Always a culinary challenge for him to travel internationally.  He was fortified with some Special K breakfast bars, PopTarts and Fig Newtons from home.  He survived but he is tired.  Just put on a fresh pot of coffee at 6:30 p.m. so he can hopefully stay up till 10:00 and get back on a schedule!  

Also this weekend, we squeezed in some pool time, back to school shopping, a little birthday dining, and FINALLY got to see the new Batman movie.  It was intense.  That bad guy was really bad.

Harry starts Cross Country practice tomorrow at 7:00 a.m.  I hope he is conditioned enough not to be miserable.  I think he is.  He is really maturing right in front of my eyes.  He still has flashes of his chaotic, random, funny little self...but definitely spending more time talking about his future and goals and responsibility.  It makes a momma proud.  And then we drove to the Outlet Mall yesterday and he had the emergency brake up in his truck the whole time.  That makes a momma wonder how he is ever going to survive out in the world. 

Three short weeks of summer left before school kicks off again.  I can't hardly believe that Harry is starting his Junior year of high school and my little Chipster is starting 5th grade.  Last year of elementary school.  That is big time. 

I am starting my 14 day eating plan tomorrow where I eat the same thing for fourteen days in a row.  I am ready.  I had my birthday lunch today, which was the most outstanding tasty and healthy Ruby Trout dish at Z Tejas.  Then, on Chad's recommendation, I had a bit of dessert.  I got a Birthday Cake Pop from Starbucks and I ate it all.  Well, Hubby had a small bite.  It was sweet and felt very celebratory!  It is the first thing I have eaten since February that was not on my plan.  I know I went overboard with the watermelon a while back, but it was an allowable food, just not in the quantities that I ate it.  Now I am locked in to clean eating all the way to Thanksgiving.  When maybe, just maybe I will have a small treat of Mom's mashed potatoes!  

To keep my motivation, I tried on some of the awesome clothes that my friend Connie gave me that are another size smaller than I am wearing now.  Some of them fit!  The dresses and skirt fit now and the pants will fit in another couple five pounds or so!  I look at the clothes on a hanger and think...there is no way this is going to fit me....and then it does.  It is pretty exciting stuff!

That is all for the weekend wrap-up!  I hope that the week ahead is going to be super productive at work...I want to focus and really get some things marked off of my "TO DO" list!  I am also getting a haircut...YEA!!!   Can't wait to get this mop of hair back under control!

Hope your weekend was relaxing and that Monday treats you well!


  1. I need photos of hubbie in his turbin and stuff. also how bout a photo album from picasa of his trip etc. Love lots of pics. more the merrier

  2. So please tell what you are eating everyday for the next 2 weeks. Just wondering.