Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Speed Round

My mom is on a cross country, month long road trip and is desperate for an update to the old blog.  I have five minutes this morning to get her up to speed so we are going with bullet format....just spitting out some information!   This is for you, Mer!
  • We have the first week of school behind us.  Thank God.  It seemed like last week would never end. I love a schedule and some routine, but I forgot how much that school impacted me.  I only walked one day last week.  New plan for this week...getting up at 4:40 a.m.....walking from 5:15 a.m. to 6:30 a.m....Hubby is getting up early to make sure the boys are up and at'em.  Dashing in to wrap up lunches, did you remember this, don't forgot that, homework, reading, etc. Chaos.
  • Cross Country has started and they had their first meet last Friday.  Harry ran well.  He barfed as he was running toward the finish line.  He did that last year at his first meet.  Hmm...let's hope it doesn't happen every race. Gross, but you definitely know he gave it his all.
  • Baseball has also started.  First real practice was last night and the kids looked good.  Going to play in some tournaments this fall.  I can't wait.
  • Random rashes are not going away.  Starting to be a real nuisance.  Doctor visit may be in my near future.
  • Work is very busy.  So busy in fact that I worked about 44 hours last week.  I am part time, people!  It will probably be this way till about mid-October.  Deep sigh.
  • Bob has had some mis-adventures while Lana has been out of town.  I can't wait to post them in my next Bob Chronicles.  He is wearing a helmet daily until her return. 
  • Hubby got some great pictures of the Hurricane rolling into Destin last week.  I will post those soon as well. 
  • I love my new phone. 
  • I have not been cooking as much as I need to (please see aforementioned work hours) and it is impacting my weight loss.  I must plan better this week to have some healthy dinner choices.  I am holding at 65 pounds but am ready to move on.
  • My friend Connie brought me another bag of clothes...I love them.  Inspiration!
  • Bible Study is starting back up next Monday.  I have missed it.  Can't wait to get together with my girls and get some God up in me...even if it means adding one more thing to the calendar!  
  • I am making two pots of coffee some days.  That is not good.  But necessary.
  • House phone is fixed.  It was painful.  Senior Technician required to pay a house call.  Do you know any other home that has this much trouble with technology?  No?  Me either.
  • College football cranked up this weekend. Bama put it on Michigan.  I love football season.
  • Lakeside craft idea was finally decided on this weekend!  Hubby helped cut out, sort and bag all the kits.  We are making Frankenstein faces and Scarecrows.  I think they will be cute!  Relief to have a plan!  

That is all I have for now!  First work call of the day about to start!  Here's to a smooth week ahead and that includes some down time to blog!  Safe travels Mom!  Can't wait to hear about your adventures!  How about a trip to Texas....I have some home improvement projects to tackle! 

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